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Eagle Claw Nitro Trout Crawlers

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Soft Baits - Soft Bait Trailers
Eagle Claw Nitro Trout Crawlers
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Description for Nitro Trout Crawlers

No fish will have a chance to duck the enticement of the highly live-looking Eagle Claw Nitro Trout Crawler. These soft baits will betray even the smartest fish!

Enhance any fishing presentation with these floating worm-like scented baits. Tip a jig, pinch off a piece and insert it into a tube jig, or rig the entire 2-1/4" trailer with a split shot. Super-charged with Nitro's exclusive Factor X2 and are sure to excite a fish's sense of sight, smell and taste. Per 10. Length: 2-1/4" Colors: (740)Natural, (741)Orange, (742)Chartreuse, (743)White, (744)Pink.

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