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Common Hunting Mistakes

by Richard

How many mistakes have you made while hunting? I have made so many that I sometimes wonder how I ever manage to bag anything. One of those in particular happened many years ago and I still get a chuckle...

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Essentials: Tree Stands and Range Finders

by Richard

Do tree stands and range finders seem like a strange combination? Maybe not, both are needed and sometimes essential when bowhunting. Let’s begin with tree stands. If you ever plan to actually shoot...

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A Hunters Trip Back in Time

by Richard

I was in the basement just looking over my hunting equipment and I started thinking back to 1981 the year I started bow hunting, and I wonder how many of you can recall the equipment we used back then....

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Ruger 10/22 Carbine Hunting Rifle - Initial Impressions

by Richard

I'm a hunter, and a fisherman. It’s what I like to do, it’s who I am. And like many outdoorsmen, I believe it's important to have the right equipment for the job. And so, last year I picked up Ruger...

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There's nothing quite like a hunt. If your passion is deer hunting, we have you covered. Same for bear hunting, elk hunting, and moose hunting. Just find your next spot to hunt on Hook and Bullet, then grab your rifle or bow and head out. Looking for bird game? If it's ducks, pheasant, quail, or partridge you're searching for we can help there too. That's right, we have every single hunting location in the entire US and Canada. And it's all up to you to make it better. So get your favorite shotgun ready to go, and we'll take care of the rest. Looking for hunting reports? We have them. Looking for hunting photos? We have them. Looking for GPS coordiantes for the next best spot? We have them. Want to record your last big tag? We can help wit that too. Hook and Bullet makes it easy for you to get out on the hunt.
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