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ya old people sitting around keeping an eye on things lots of sticky finger around , the ower is awsome to deal with he just calls it as he see it ,gotta like that would deal there any time, and if you think the prices are to high then you are just plain cheap

Diana is great!


Lance is rude and arrogant towards customers he doesn't hang out with. Old men always sitting around staring at customers, makes ya feel uncomfortable. But Diana is awesome! She keeps that store going and customers keep coming back for her!

mean store owner


the owner is a extremely rude towards new customers and oblivious to the questions he is asked

Gun shop etiquete


This is a small town /country shop! Don't walk in and expect to walk out in five minutes with your purchase. The local people like to chat, and they have been there longer than you so step back, relax and listen in and join in the conversation. Both Lance and Mike like to talk and they will get to you as soon as possible!...

Expensive Guns


This gun shop is way over priced and the owner is not very approachable at all. You wait forever and he seems to talk to people that are regulars rather than trying to help new costumers. I do not suggest this gun shop to anyone.

Good Little store With a big selection


It's a great little store good customer service lots of products guns ammo and mags They have so much more stuff than the average store back in the city

Contact Information

Location: 1106 Pembroke Street West Pembroke, ON K8A 5R4
Phone: 613-735-6690

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Perkins is a gun shop located in Pembroke, Ontario. To find this gun store check the map shown above, or enter 45.8312 latitude, and -77.1423 longitude into your GPS device.

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