Whether you’re a target shooter, or hunter, every year you owe it to yourself to make sure your scope is sighted in and as absolutely accurate as it can be. For some this can be tedious, but it can be dead easy using this simple 2-step 2-shot sighting in process.  

“Even if your rifle shot dead on last year, be sure to take the time to sight in your rifle this year before you head out for the new season” says Doug Painter of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. “Here’s an easy 2 shot system that can help you get right on target.

Take Your First Shot

Start by taking your first shot. Then Doug says “Once you’ve taken that that shot get your crosshairs right back exactly on the bullseye and hold that rifle perfectly still. It really helps to have a buddy right now.


Adjust Your Scope to Shot 1

As Doug ask his buddy to help out he explains “I can see my shot it’s a little low and a little to the right. If you would first move the scope maybe up to clicks.” And he goes on to say “And then move it to the left two clicks”. 


Take Your Second Shot

Per Doug, “now we have that scope crosshairs perfectly centered on the bullet hole from sot 1 that we just made. So now take that second shot right on the bullseye and you should be dead on.”


It’s a simple and effective method for sighting in your scope with just 2 shots.