The all-terrain (ATV) has evolved into a must-have for hunters, anglers and backwoods explorers. The popularity of ATV`s began in the early 1980’s as a new mode of transportation for sporting enthusiasts. The ubiquitous ‘4-wheeler’ enjoyed great technological advances since those early days, becoming progressively larger and more powerful but one thing always remained consistent. They were all gas-powered!

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Thanks, in part, to a push towards lower Carbon emissions in recent years, the ATV Industry followed the Automobile Industry`s lead with development of electric offerings, but geared towards outdoor/off-road enthusiasts. A small handful of manufacturers starting taking the environmental bull by the horns. Lets take a look at the Green ATV market in North America today and 5 of the top machines available.

1. E-Force Electric ATV

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Built in Ellicottville, New York, south of Buffalo, the E-Force electric ATV plans to take the electric ATV market by storm; albeit a quieter more surreptitious storm. Dubbed as the first ever all-electric, non-polluting, stealthy quiet ATV, the E-Force is the first of its kind to enter the off-roading market, offering a green alternative with distinct advantages over its gas-guzzling competition. E-force owners Bill Northrup and Philip Kurlander saw a niche and wanted to fill it. Northrup’s father was already a pioneer in Western New York, having started Holliday Valley ski resort, in Ellicottville, back in 1956.  Northrup`s company uses patented green technology to create its E-Force resulting in a powerful, rechargeable, zero-emission electric ATV. E-Force electric ATV’s are assembled in Ellicottville using components made in Buffalo; electric motors manufactured a short piece away in Syracuse, and imported ATV frames. The E-force Eco Electric ATV retails at a reasonable $7,195 USD and one of the most economical Green Machines on the market today.

2. Eco-Rider Explorer ATV

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The Eco-Rider Explorer our #2 pick in the Top 5 Green ARV market and true bang for your buck machine. Its performance is on-par with other more pricey electric ATVs but at a reasonable $6700 USD start price. This eATV comes standard with 4WD Direct Drive, powered by a 60 Volt 50aH battery. With a top speed of 25 mp/h this bike also can also be shifted from 2WD to improve battery range. It has a range of  25–31 miles on a single charge and weighs 540 pounds. Bosting a charge time of 8-10 hours, the Eco-Rider has duel spring suspension, dual hydraulic brakes and maximum payload of 330 lbs.

3. Polaris Ranger EV

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Not to be outdone, Polaris Inc, already a big player in the quad market, enters the ‘Green ATV’ arena with the introduction of its midsize Ranger EV. The popular ATV manufacturer out of Minnesota is becoming a force in the electric ATV/side-by-side market as well. The Ranger EV is a fully green off-road ATV/UTV powered by a single 48-Volt, high efficiency AC Induction motor capable of producing 30 HP. Compared to conventional fossil fuel ATV’s, the Ranger EV is super clean, environmentally friendly and most exciting for hunters, it is whisper quiet. Capable of hauling 500 pounds and a towing capacity of 1500 pounds, this smooth-running e-machine can travel 35-45 miles when fully charged, and takes only 8 hours to recharge.

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Mike Speetzen, Polaris’s CEO explained the ‘push for green’ led the way for their Ranger EV. “With the rising interest in electrified vehicles”, Speetzen explains. “We are investing in electrification in order to meet the needs of current customers as well as appeal to tomorrow’s riders.” He adds. Polaris, evidently, did not rest on their laurels. The company is currently working on a new full-size version of the EV, with upgraded motor and improved battery life. Mike Speetzen claims; “The all-new electric Ranger is our latest effort aimed at leading the industry forward in electrified powersports vehicles.” 

4. Dayak Beast ATV

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With a 225 miles on a single charge, the Dayak Beast ATV ranks among the longest-range electric ATVs you can buy. Built off a 60-Volt, 40-Ah lithium-ion battery system, with another 60-Volt, 50 Ah lead acid battery as a backup. This Canadian manufactured Green machine can reach speeds of 5-10 mp/h (16 km/h) with a weight of 275 lbs (125 kg). The Dayak charges in 4-8 hours and boasts other fine features like hydraulic disc brakes, Bluetooth speakers, built-in inverter and LED Lighting.

5. DRR EV Lightning ATV

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The DRR EV Lightning ATV is being dubbed as the first ‘full-size’ electric ATV.  Based of the company’s gas-powered 450cc ATV, the DRR EV Lightning shares the same chassis and suspension yet is propelled by a boosty 5kW motor which produces 21.5 horsepower, with ample torque to get the green machine into anywhere the North American outdoor adventurer has in mind.

Final Word on Green ATV

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Electric ATV’s are the way of the future and may someday even replace conventional off-road vehicles. How wonderfully quiet and serene the great outdoors would be with only electric vehicles around. See you soon in the wilds of North America, now quieter and cleaner than ever.