Alaska is world-renowned as the Last Frontier; for its snow-capped mountains, glacial rivers, and bountiful fisheries. With that being said, it is a major supplier of fish throughout the world. As of 2022, the Economic Value of Alaska’s Industry report, states that Alaska’s fishing industry was worth $5.7 billion and supplied 62,200 jobs annually. Hence, these largely consisted of commercial fishing which was fishing lodges, river guides, crabbers, and yes, fishing charters. 

Nevertheless, leisure fishing is a top attraction that sees thousands of anglers congregate in Alaska from May to September each year. With many options for fishing charters to pick from, it’s hard to gauge where you should go and whom to trust. Here is a list of the best charters found in Alaska.


1. Alaska Fish On Charter Inc – Kenai

If you do not enjoy planning a trip, then Alaska Fish On Charters is for you. Charters can be paired with fishing lodges and seasonal packages. Of the packages, that start at $1,395, you can rest assured that these hassle-free packages have every aspect of planning thought out for you. Thus, Alaska Fish On Charter Inc, offers all things associated with Alaskan fishing. These options include fly-fishing and bear viewing in the spring, halibut excursions on Cook Inlet, and salmon fishing on the Kenai River. Inclusive of the package price, the first fish that is 50 lbs or 100 lbs (depending on the package) can be food processed and air-shipped. Lastly, if you are interested in the many packages offered check out the Alaska Fish On Charter Inc website, for more details.


2. ProFish n’ Sea Alaska Halibut Fishing Charters – Seward

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When you land in Seward and you hear the locals talking about “barn doors”, it’s not referring to farm fixtures, but the size of the halibut. Captain Steve Zernia has been fishing the halibut and salmon-rich waters of the southern Kenai Peninsula for 20 years. As for packages, some have the option to be booked with a hotel stay. While charter packages can include multi-species or single-species trips for salmon, lingcod, and halibut. This, however, depends on seasonality, with basic single species excursions starting at $325-$425 per person. Of all the packages, fish cleaning and fileting can be provided at no additional cost.


3. Alaska Fishing with Mark Glassmaker—Soldotna

Soldotna is found three hours from Anchorage. Although more remote than other locations in the Kenai Peninsula, the fishing is outstanding. With as many species as King salmon, silver salmon, sockeye salmon, rainbow trout, steelhead, and halibut, anglers will be satiated. More so, Mark and his team of experienced fishermen offer 30 years of experience on the Kenai River.

Packages vary on the target species, if you require lodging, or if anglers prefer a custom package. It is crucial to note that all gear is a part of the package. But, an Alaskan fishing license is not and will need to be purchased in advance. As an example of prices; a half-day salmon trip starts at $250 per person, while a full-day halibut excursion starts at $325 per person.


4. O’Fish’ial Charters of Alaska – Homer

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With 33 years of experience and counting, O’Fish’ial Charters is a long-time favorite among Alaska’s Charters. Moreover, they have awards to boot, like being a six-time winner of the Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby. Nonetheless, this charter offers packages with or without lodging. Examples of excursions offered include a ¾-day trip with everything halibut and salmon in between. The prices for packages are reasonable, with a local halibut charter costing $325 or salmon fishing charters running between May and September priced at $325.


5. The Alaska Catch – Ketchikan

Captain Mike Fleece has decades of experience with the tidal and ocean water around Ketchikan. Of the charters, the salmon trips focus on trolling and downrigging. Whereas, halibut charters anchor in place and jig in water as deep as 350 feet. As a result, eager anglers have caught fish between 15 and 40 lbs. With the record being a 375 lbs halibut caught while on an Alaskan Catch charter. If you are undecided about what species to target, there is a combination charter available. Furthermore, these charters range from six to eight hours, utilizing trolling, mooching, and jigging to target fisheries that are in season.

There are two boats in the fleet; a 24’ and 32’ cabin cruiser that both permit a maximum of six anglers at a time. Charter prices start at $800 and will vary depending on the boat and size of your party, but is kid-friendly. It is essential to note that all anglers will need to purchase an Alaskan fishing license in advance.


6. Kingfisher Charters and Lodge – Sitka

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Lifelong resident, Seth Bone, opened the Kingfisher lodge in 1990. Through referrals from friends and family, it grew into one of the most successful charter companies to date. Being located in Sitka, anglers have ample opportunities to snag species that aren’t available in other parts of Alaska. Of these various species are King salmon, silver salmon, rockfish, sablefish, lingcod, and halibut.

Kingfisher Charters offer all-inclusive packages only, which have all the fish gear (excluding fishing license), airport transfers, and meals. As part of the packages, charters run a minimum of 10 hours each day. With packages being three to five days in length. If you are interested, the prices start at $3,295 per person.


All in for Alaska

Alaska is home to some of the best fisheries in the world, and it’s no wonder why it’s a top industry. From the ocean crabbers to fishing guides and even charters, Alaska is a provider of many of the world’s salmon, crab, and halibut. Which has proven to be a draw to avid anglers who dream of a 100 lbs halibut or a 50 lb salmon tugging at the end of their line. There are many admirable and fun charters in Alaska. Therefore, this list is only scratching the surface when it comes to the best fishing charters in Alaska.