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Simply put, we love the outdoors

Here at HookandBullet, we are not always the best at speaking about ourselves. We never want to come off as boastful or over-confident. When you come right down to it, we are awfully proud of what we're doing.

We like people. We like talking to people, emailing with people. We like talking to people about the outdoors. And we like to have fun . . . which would explain our videos. We're polite, respectful, and honest. And we work as a team on everything we do. Pretty cool, right.

We see our jobs as being focused on getting people outside. We're here to plan your next adventure - big or small. And by doing so, we're doing our little part to make life more fun. And isn't that what it's all about?!? We think so.

And so we work hard from 7AM to 5PM Pacific time every day (usually longer, but don't tell anyone....shhhhh). And then we get outside ourselves on the evenings and week-ends.

The HookandBullet Team

Outdoor directory

Last by not least, we have the rest of our site. All said close to a million pages of content that includes every body of water in the US and Canada, every fishing shop, every gun shop, every public campground, and a lot more. That's all here for your reference, for your education, for your contribution. We owe our users a big thanks for pushing us over the 100,000 fishing reports mark.

Fishing Spots Gear

Listings from the BEST Guides and Charters in the Business

We work with only the best and brightest guides and charters. We provide you with all of the information so you can set up your next fishing trip or hunt with a guide you can trust.

List your business... Free

We're often looking for new guides and charters to work with. But we're picky. You have to be licensed (duh!), have a good rating with the BBB, and have good reviews from your previous customers. We have good attitude so we expect you to as well, after all, we are talking about a partnership here. If you take pride in making people happy, then we want to work with you. So call us or email us, and let's get the conversation started.

Outdoor events

We organize large or small outdoor events as well. Whether it's a team building event, a corporate event, a party, a fundraiser, a bachelor party, or whatever else you can think of we've organized it. Can you think of a more fun event than one spent on the water sharing a fun fishing experience?!? The memories will last forever.