Simply put, we love the outdoors

Here at HookandBullet, we focus on getting people outside, helping them plan their next adventure: where to go, when to go, and what gear they might need along the way. When you come right down to it, we are awfully proud of what we’re doing.

We’re polite, respectful, and honest. We work as a team on everything we do, all while observing our Code of Ethics.

We host the largest database of North American bodies of water. State by state, province by province, you can find the best places to go fishing and even the best times for catching fish.

You can also submit a trip report to tell the world about what you caught. We’ve received well over 250,000 fishing reports since we launched over a decade ago.

All told we have close to a million pages of content around our favorite of activities: fishing and hunting. All of them are here for your reference and education. So, enjoy your journey!

The HookandBullet Team