60 Million Ad Impressions

We’re estimating 60 Million Ad Impressions this year. If you’re doing the math, that’s an average of 5MM monthly. We attract a diverse group of fishing, camping, and hunting visitors. We support all of the popular ad sizes. We can deploy ads quickly and with robust reporting.

Visitor Age

We attract a wide range of visitors: 12% of our visitors are 18-24 years old, 22% are 25-34, 22% are 35-44, 19% are 45-54, 16% are 55-64, and 9% are over 65 years old.


Where others have struggled, we’ve experienced solid year-over-year growth with our Female audience, now boasting 24% of our audience as Female, and 76% Male. We’re leading the way in reaching the Female audience.

Device Use

We see 57% of our traffic coming on Mobile devices, while the remaining 43% comes from larger screen devices (9%  Tablet devices, and 34% Desktop computers).


We are proud to offer our advertisers the ability to advertise run of site (ROS), or to be select from a variety of targeting methods so your ads reach your target audience with greater precision, and less spend.

Target by Activity

We offer the ability to target users by the activity in which they are interested in – camping, fishing, hiking, boating, and more.

Target by Location

We offer the ability to target users by the location – their location at the moment, or the area in which they are seeking info.

Target by Species

We are capable of targeting users by the species they are interested in (bass, trout, salmon, deer, elk, etc).

Target by Feature Type

We offer the ability to target users by the feature type in which they are interested in – lake, river, reef, etc.


We’re fast muscle twitch types with a desire to make magic happen, and make it happen quickly. We move fast and we’re proud of that. When you need an ad partner who can deliver results quickly think of us.

Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP)

We have DFP fully deployed so we can leverage everything a world class advertising platform can deliver, like having ads up in 30 minutes time.

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