A lot of folks pack it in for the day when the rain clouds begin to gather, but that’s a mistake. At least when it comes to bass fishing. Put on a raincoat and keep going when the rain starts to fall. Because you never know, it might be some of the best fishing you’ll ever have. Bass, actually get a lot more active when it’s raining. This is primarily due to the falling barometric pressure and the droplets hitting the water’s surface. If you’re willing to hang in there, rain can be your best friend on a bass pond.

1. A Rubber Worm And A Lead Head

Yup, it’s simple, and you’ve got a ton of them moldering in the bottom of your tackle box, but they work. Get this simplistic rig moving fast across the top water, and you can’t miss. The trick is to make it stand out from the other surface action.

2. A Texas Rig

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Image credits: Halotriple3 via Instructables

The Texas Rig works great in the rain, but you’ll want to employ the snag-free version. Use either a hook guard or pop the hook tip back into the worm body. Stuff like weeds or other debris is hard to see in the rain, so make adjustments as necessary.

3. A Carolina Rig

The Carolina Rig gives great action if you keep it up on top or near the top of the water. The bass are already stirred up when it’s raining, and something like a Carolina rig drives them over the edge. Try a lighter-colored worm with this to make it stand out better against the dark water.

4. Spinners

These work rain or shine, but especially well in the rain. You’ll want to keep the bait close to the top because that’s where the bass are drawn when it rains. You’ll also be best served with a lighter color to make it show up better against the dark water and skies.

5. Crank Baits

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Image credits: Miranda Bleijenberg via Pixabay

These are pleasantly old-school and just the thing for rainy days. You want to keep this bait moving, so the bass think it’s a little critter trying to escape. This is nice because the constant action will help keep you warm while it’s pouring down on you. Hey, not every day can be sunny.

6. A Chatter Bait

This thing is basically a noisy crankbait attached to a classic lead head and worm rig. They’re designed to cause a fuss when you reel them through the water, and that’s just what they do. Keep this bait moving, and you’ll have bass on it all day during a rainstorm.

7. A Swim Jig

This bait is your classic lead head and worm rig, or jig, with a collection of whiskers built in to reduce snagging. It works well because the hook tip is exposed, and the bass can’t help but get stuck. On the other hand, it is not infallible when you drag it through weeds or other debris. Weigh your options and cast accordingly.

8. Any Old Frog

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Image credits: Zsolt Botos via Pixabay

Bass are more active in the rain because everything else is active as well. A soft body frog bait is the perfect candy for big bass during a rainstorm. The fish assume it’s a regular frog out for a stormy swim. A bait with a hook guard is the preferable choice, here.

9. A Wacky Worm Rig

As previously mentioned, bass and everything else is active during a rainstorm. A wacky worm rig gives great action and the bass assume it’s a real worm knocked loose by the downpour. Keep the rig moving and you can’t miss.

10. A Bobber And A Real Worm

A classic is a classic for a reason. Cast this one into a spot with a little bit of cover and keep the distance from the bobber to the worm relatively short. Just give the setup a jerk now and then to give it some action, and the bass will show up in no time.

A Few Final Thoughts

It is important to keep in mind that fishing in the rain presents its own set of difficulties. Everything is slipperier in the rain, so be careful around banks and docks. It’s colder in the rain, so beware of stiff fingers and soaked clothing. Hypothermia is no joke and can set in without really cold weather to go with it. Finally, remember that there’s a big difference between a rainstorm and a thunderstorm. Lightning and lakes don’t mix.