Michigan has some of the best bass fishing spots in the country. Many of these lakes regularly make it onto lists for the best lakes to fish in nationally. But among them, where are some of the best spots to go bass fishing? We are going to explore the best bass fishing lakes in Michigan. Brace yourself, these lakes have some massive bass to catch. 

1. Lake St Clair 

Lake St Clair a great spot for bass fishing

Image by pen_ash from Pixabay

You can’t make a list about some of the best fishing lakes in Michigan and not include Lake St Clair. It has been called one of the best fishing spots in the entire United States and has plenty of species of fish to choose from. Fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass in this lake is incredible. 

The Lake is partially in Michigan but the rest lies in Canada. It is a relatively flat lake that has grass everywhere. And that has created an environment where you can find smallmouth bass pretty much anywhere in the area. 

It is great to fish from a boat but fishing from the bank is strong here too. There are plenty of amenities that are situated all around Lake St Clair. So, if you want to make a trip of it and include the family, this is the perfect fishing spot to do so. 

2. Burt and Mullet Lakes 

Beautiful Lake

Image by Joe Karns from Pixabay

The twin lakes are connected with a river but both are known for having massive smallmouth bass. The waters are really clear and that makes the blue water a perfect place to do sight fishing for large smallmouth. 

Some of the best times to fish in these lakes is during the early summer and late spring. It is also when the bass tournaments are held in the area and they produce some massive amounts of fish each year. 

The shoreline surrounding the lakes are stunning too and they offer a lot of relaxation to enjoy. You can rent a boat at the lake or even use a kayak or canoe to go fish on these lakes when the wind is slow. There are lodgings nearby too and campgrounds, making it a great spot for a trip. 

3. Saginaw Bay or Lake Huron 

Lake Huron Michigan

Image by David Phelps from Pixabay

Anglers know this lake more for its incredible walleye fishing. It has some really big waters and the conditions can be pretty wild. But what not everyone might know is that Saginaw Bay is also really hot for bass fishing. 

It is a unique fishery that has a lot of incredible waters for fishing. And since so many people go to Saginaw Bay specifically for walleye fishing, you won’t have loads of competition when it comes to bass fishing. The open bay might have interesting conditions but it does also have plenty of smallmouth bass. It also offers largemouth bass in some parts of the bay that has shallow water. 

It is the perfect place to go if you don’t want too much competition for bass but want really adventurous conditions. If that sounds like your ideal fishing area, then this is the spot for you. 

4. Lake Charlevoix 

Lake Charlevoix

Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

Another really beautiful spot in Michigan, Lake Charlevoix is a huge lake with many different spots to choose from. It has 56 miles of shoreline. There are many different places where you can get access to the lake, including parks, campgrounds and other public areas that are scattered around the lake. 

The lake offers great fishing for many different species of fish, but it is a great lake to find massive bass. You can fish from a number of different boats, pontoons, canoes and kayaks. You can rent boats and even fishing gear at a number of different locations. It means that even a novice bass fisher can get the feeling of fishing without getting all of the gear. 

5. Grand Traverse Bay in Lake Michigan 

Lake Michigan

Image by Yinan Chen from Pixabay

Traverse City has many different great spots to go fishing and catch some beauties. But Grand Traverse Bay has been called a world class fishery for smallmouth bass. There are two sections, a western and an eastern arm, and both of them are great for bass fishing.

It really depends on the day, but each of the arms can have the best fishing on any given day. You can have fun fishing for bass on either end of the bay, so it doesn’t really matter where you fish. 

This is another spot that has some really clear water that can help you spot the bass in the lake. In the bay the water is really clear and has shallow sandy waters. Meaning that most days you can pretty much see right to the bottom of the lake.  Making sight fishing really easy. 

Most anglers focus on finesse tactics in the Grand Traverse Bay but it is possible to catch bass on spybaits and jerkbaits too.

Plan a bass fishing experience in Michigan 

Michigan has some incredible spots to fish. If you want bass fishing then these lakes are some of the best that you can find anywhere. 

Whether you want to go fishing for a day or plan a family trip, these lakes will have what you are looking for. Plan your bass fishing trip today.