It’s hard to beat a beautiful day spent out on the water fishing. One thing that can put a damper on the day is not catching any fish! Most of us have a special lure we can pull out to try to salvage the day, but what happens when that doesn’t land anything either?

We’re going to go over the best bass lures from any category. If these aren’t in your bag, maybe think about picking a few up before your next trip. The top lure I would recommend you carry is the KVD Finesse spinnerbait.

Hook and Bullet Top 5 Bass Lures for 2021

KVD Finesse Spinnerbait FSB12WW-583S - The Best Bass LuresKVD Finesse Spinnerbait FSB12WW-583S
  • 2 blades
  • long skirt trailer
  • 1/2 oz weight jig head
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Rapala Skitterpop 480426 - The Best Bass LuresRapala Skitterpop 480426
  • Made of balsa wood
  • Plastic cup for popper sound
  • Two sets of treble hooks
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Z-Man Finesse TRD TRD275268PK8 - The Best Bass LuresZ-Man Finesse TRD TRD275268PK8
  • Packed with salt
  • Used for Ned Rig
  • Ready to fish finesse worm
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Strike King Bitsy Bug BBJ18-2 - The Best Bass LuresStrike King Bitsy Bug BBJ18-2
  • Premium silicone skirt
  • Fiber weed guards
  • Available form 1/16 oz to 1/4 oz
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Zoom Ol' Monster ZM026-263-P - The Best Bass LuresZoom Ol' Monster ZM026-263-P
  • Long curly tail
  • Versatile rigging options
  • 10.5 in. length
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Why You Can Trust Us?

Just like any other “best of” list, people will always have different opinions. This list is based on my personal experience through my 20+ years of fishing, as well as updated research on what typically works universally. I have fished several different states, water types, and targeted many different species of fish, but catching big largemouth or a monster striper is my favorite. This is why I fish for bass more than any other kind of fish.

Because of that, I’m well versed in their patterns, habits, and other characteristics that make them strike or swim. We know fish can get picky, and having the right info can make the difference in a record day, or going home with a couple of bites but no fish. With that, let’s jump in!

Best Overall Lure for Big Bass

    KVD Finesse Spinnerbait (Chartreuse Sexy Shad)
    If you're looking for a great spinner to land big or picky bass, this is it. Strike King did great with the blades, size, and color of this lure.

Why We Like It: This spinner gets picky bass moving. Have you ever been to a pond, seen the fish jumping out of the water, but can’t hook ’em no matter what you do? That’s where this lure comes in. Available in several great colorways, and a very well-balanced spinner, this is my go-to for salvaging a day.

Who Should Buy It: Those looking to hunt for a good-sized largemouth that won’t be scared away by a lure this size. Remember, they’ve got to be big enough to try to eat your bait!

Best Topwater Lure

    Rapala Skitterpop (Shad)
    This wooden popper is very versatile. It's not big enough to scare fish, so you can catch all sizes of bass with it! It has very sharp treble hooks on the bottom that easily hook any fish that decide to jump on it.

Why We Like It: Topwater is my favorite way to catch bass, and nothing has brought me more exciting topwater hits than the shad-colored Skitterpop from Rapala. It’s got a distinctive “spitting” noise and action, and the fish can’t get enough! When you get the technique of this popper down, you’ll notice the “spitting” mentioned a moment ago, and it is a very fun technique to try to nail down. You can also get a good, deep popper noise from these bad boys.

Who Should Buy It: Anyone looking to land more fish on topwater lures. This lure is easy to use from the second you take it out of the box!

Best for Largemouth Bass

    Z-Man Finesse TRD (Green Pumpkin)
    This worm is made to be fished with the Ned Rig that has taken the fishing world by storm over the past few years. It's simple to rig up and start catching fish! These worms have consistently caught large bass.

Why We Like It: The Zman TRD, or “The Real Deal” is exactly that. This plastic paired with the proper Shroomz jig head has become a go-to for beginners and veterans alike. Using the Ned Rig, something about this bait drives fish wild. A finesse technique, paired with the green pumpkin color will challenge any other lures on the market. From personal experience, this lure in any color is the must-have plastic.

Who Should Buy It: Anyone looking for a simple way to use plastic lures should pick a pack of these up. They’re easy to use, and produce great results! The bait is designed in a way to make it easier to use from a technique standpoint, making it perfect for those just starting out on plastics.

Best for Smallmouth Bass

    Strike King Bitsy Bug (Black and Blue)
    A jig that can be used in any type of jig fishing. The style of the head balances out this lure very well, and the fiber weedguards keep you from getting snagged when fishing cover!

Why We Like It: Jigs have been a favorite for many anglers since the 1960s, when Arkie Lures developed the jig that we all know and love today. Jigs are an absolute necessity to have in the tackle bag, and Strike King has dialed in the formula on the Bitsy Bug to attract smallmouth to hit the line.

Who Should Buy It: Every single angler looking to target any type of bass, specifically large and smallmouth should have this in the bag.

Best Backup Plastic

    Zoom Ol' Monster Worm (Red Shad)
    Another great plastic worm for catching big bass. This is a pretty large plastic, so you won't be chasing smaller fish with it. This worm is made to get large bass moving. You can even use it to map the bottom of your surface if using a Carolina Rig!

In my personal experience, plastics have always yielded the best results. That’s why I felt inclined to list another plastic worm on this list, because it’s compiling the best bass lures you can get in any category.

Why We Like It: You can rig these worms up in many different ways. I like to use a Texas Rig with a G-Lock worm hook and bounce it off the bottom. This was the first plastic worm I ever used, and my results changed immediately after tying on this worm from Zoom. I’ve also had this sitting out in the water while using another pole and landed big bass on it. It is very easy to use and extremely versatile.

Who Should Buy It: Those looking to catch big largemouth bass. By far the largest fish I’ve caught on plastics have been brought in on this worm.

When to Use and How to Choose

Varying lures in a tacklebox

With my overall top pick, the KVD Finesse Spinner, the best time to use it is in early spring before and during the bass spawn. Bring it in on a slow reel, just enough to get the blades turning. Maybe throw in a little twitching for some extra activity. Because of the blades, this will make enough commotion to entice bass into striking, even when they are not in a very active state. Fish it in cover and around debris, allowing enough time after the cast for fish to come back to it if they’ve been scared away.


On hot days, early morning and evening are the best time to target bass on topwater. This is when it gets cool enough for them to come to the surface to eat. I have a lot of fun throwing topwater when it rains as well. Topwater lures also do well in late spring, especially in clearer waters. Water is still cool enough to allow bass to come to the higher areas of their waters for feeding. Catching a big bass on topwater is one of the best feelings in all of fishing, so don’t miss your window!


For the most part, there’s a plastic for every occasion. Focusing on the worm though, it is reliable for any time of year that bass can be caught. The only time I hold off from throwing a plastic worm out is when bass are very active and aggressive. A faster lure is better for those times. Worms seem to yield the best results, but if the two mentioned above don’t work for you, maybe try looking at a craw lure with large pinchers. These make a good swimming motion, making the bait more attractive to nearby bass.


Jigs are fished a lot like spinnerbaits and can be used in the same situations. There are many different types of jigs, each with its own unique way of fishing them. Throw on a craw trailer attached to the hook, and you could reach your limit in no time. The Strike King Bitsy Bug really encompasses all aspects of jig fishing. It can be cast, flipped, or just be used as a steady pace swim jig. Try out a few different techniques and see which one works best for you!

Color Selection

Color selection is always tough, and a never-ending debate among many anglers. There are plenty of contrasting opinions out there about when to use what color. My approach is trying to match the color to the look of the prey in the area you are fishing. In dark, mud bottom waters, I look for red and black colors or a mix of any brown and blue. These will match the colors of the prey, as well as the underwater surroundings. For clearer waters, I like to stick with lighter colors like white, light blue, and orange. These are bright enough to attract attention from further away, with the clearer water allowing fish to see better.

How We Picked

In this guide, we focused on the best bass lures in hopes to increase the amount of fish you pull in! It’s very hard to narrow down the best in a market full of lures of all kinds and constant innovation. We based our picks on what has work from personal experience, online user reviews, and results from fishing tournaments. That said, there are so many variables, anyone can come up with a different list at any time.

Suggestions are great, but we all want results more than anything. The five lures on this list should definitely produce the results you are looking for. I keep a travel tackle back in my truck, and when space is limited, these are the main lures I’m sure to carry.

Get Out There!

After going through our list, I hope you have a good idea of what to take on your next trip to the water. Any of these lures should produce, but I think if you could only carry one of them, grab the KVD Finesse Spinnerbait.

Kevin VanDam is a very decorated fisherman, and his design is what makes this bait so great. He knows more than most about bass fishing, and this lure has consistently caught the biggest, and pickiest bass. I love to change up what I cast, but this lure is usually in the water at some point during the day.

If you’re looking at where to get started fishing, check out our articles on the best fishing in your state!