There are many different types of catfish and many of them are great to eat. They are also fun to catch and some of the bigger fish put up quite the fight. If you are in Florida and are looking for some great catfishing spots then this list will give you all of the destinations that you could need. Here are some of the best catfishing spots in Florida. 

The Apalachicola River 

River in autumn

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

This river offers many different nooks and crannies where catfish like to hide. The area from Owl Creek to Woodruff Dam can be great to find all sorts of catfish. The river offers excellent spots to find channel, flathead and also blue catfish. 

There are some really big catfish in the river. Getting some of the large channel catfish can be done best in April and all the way to July. For flatheads, which are many people’s favorite, they are best caught in April and into the summer months. 

You can catch small catfish in the Apalachicola River all the months of the year but for this are it is best to go in spring and summer months. 

Both big flathead and channel catfish can be caught at the bottom. If you want to fish for a blue catfish then fresh cut bait like mullet could be the perfect bait to hook them. 

The Ochlocknee River

Fishing in the river

Image by Cristian Bustos from Pixabay

The entire river is great for catfishing and it offers great fishing for bullhead, channel, flathead and also white catfish. You will be able to find all of the catfish right through the river, but if you are looking specifically for white catfish and also flatheads then the Talquin tail race area could be a great spot to check out. 

All of the deep river bends that can be found further downstream are also really great spots to find bigger flatheads. 

In this river system some of the best angling for catfish will start in April and you will first be able to find flatheads and then a little bit later some of the bigger channel catfish will also easily be caught. 

Catching small catfish all year round is very possible but in the winter months most of the fishing will slow down. For the bigger channel and flatheads, they will probably keep biting all the way up to the time that the water starts to become cold. That normally happens around October and November. 

Joe Budd Pond

Catfish in the pond

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

This 20-acre impoundment has brilliant channel catfishing. You can catch some beauties from the shore but also from a boat. However, they do not allow gasoline motors. 

They really have some great size catfish available in the pond with most of the fish that get pulled out being around nine to 14 inches. Even beginners can pull out great catfish here. 

They are only open on weekends and only for part of the year. Joe Budd Pond normally opens to the public on the first Saturday in July and then closes after the Labor Day weekend. 

One of the really great things about this pond is that you can catfish but keep it really simple. For bait you only really need fishing worms or nightcrawlers that go on the bottom and you can easily pull out some stunners. But not too many. They have a limit of only six channel catfish per person on any day. Still the size that you can get here does make up for the limit. 

Clermont Chain of Lakes 

Fishing from shore

Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay

This spot is great for anglers that want to bag some great channel and white catfish. There are great offshore spots that are open water or that have bottom structures. These areas, along with canals and channels are the spots where catfish like to hang out. Even more so when the water is flowing. 

You also don’t have to take a wide variety of bait for catfishing in the Clermont Chain of Lakes. You can use the same bait for channel and white catfish. Cut or stink baits are normally really enticing to these types of catfish. 

Blue Cypress Lake 

Image by d Bossarte from Pixabay

This lake might be most well known for bass fishing tournaments, but the picturesque spot is also really great for catfishing too. 

It is difficult to fish from the shore since there are just too many Cypress trees, vegetation and even alligators. So, you really do need a boat to fish here. Still, it is a great spot to spend time with the family and enjoy fishing channel catfish and many other species of fish too. 

It is a great spot to grab a rod and spend a few days and catfish some stunners. 

Catfishing in Florida 

Most anglers enjoy catfishing since it is such a fun fish to catch and also good to eat. Each has their own favorite type of catfish. These fishing spots will give you great fishing memories when catfishing.