The Outer Banks is a haven for saltwater fishing at any given time of the year. From spring to fall, the Outer Banks is a dream vacation destination for anglers from all over the nation. However, with many traveling from out of state, North Carolina’s fishing piers are affordable and easily accessible. But with so many options, knowing which piers are the best North Carolina fishing piers can be tricky.

From fishing licenses or fees to rod rentals and everything else in between, here’s a compiled list of the fishing piers in North Carolina that you must fish from.

1. Jeannette’s Pier

Since starting operation in 1939, Jeannette’s has been the go-to place for pier fishing for locals and visitors of all ages in Nag’s Head. 

The facility boasts a 1,000-foot pier into the Atlantic Ocean, the Pier House Gallery with large aquariums, expansive beaches, a pier shop, bathrooms, and complimentary parking. 

Before heading out to Jeanette’s, check the daily fishing report, highlighting the biggest catches off the pier.  Yes, that’s right, daily monster catches further tease why Jeanette’s should be at the top of your list of North Carolina’s fishing piers.

Regarding equipment, daily fishing rates will run you $14 for adults and $7 for a child, with multi-day passes available. Fishing rods will run you about $12, with the pier covered by a blanket fishing license. So, no fishing license here; you just pay the fishing fee, which makes for hassle-free casting.

2. Avon Fishing Pier

If you plan to visit the famous Hatteras Island, look at the Avon Fishing Pier, a jewel of the Koru Village. Especially if your dream is to reel in a big ol’ red drum!

Proudly a family-friendly fishing spot, anyone can fish here without the bother of a fishing license. Instead, a small fee will be paid to use the pier. Do you just want to gander at what the fishermen are catching? $2 will give you access as a sightseer. Otherwise, adults who look to fish will have to pay $14, while children are $8.

Don’t forget to drop by the Avon Pier Shop if you have questions or want to pick up some Avon Pier memorabilia!

Oh, and if you’re curious about the conditions before attending, take a peak at the Surfline HD webcam or surrounding cameras on the Avon Pier surfing report.

3. Nags Head Fishing Pier 

You may have heard Nags Head tossed around if you’re familiar with fishing on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Let’s just say there’s a good reason. Nags Head comes with a legendary status when it comes to pulling in enormous fish right from the pier.

Nags Head Pier is the optimal pick for those hunting down a spot that’s all in. From cottage rentals to rod rentals, all angles are covered. Thus, if you intend to fish here, like many on this list, you have to pay a fee of $15 for a day pass or $12 for a child’s pass.

Oh, and almost forgot to mention there’s also a tiki bar and restaurant on the pier. As well as a tackle shop full of knowledgeable staff or gear. See, Nags Head Pier really does have everything you could possibly need.

4. Rondathe Pier Place

Another astonishing pier found on Hatteras Island, Rondathe is what you call an icon in the community. And if you want to take your chances at oceanfront night fishing, this is the go-to spot in the summer.

No fishing license is needed here; just pay a fee to use the pier. You can expect to pay $15 for an adult and $10 for a child. Oh, and if you require a rod, it’s $12, and live bait will be $15. Rondathe Pier offers everything an angler could possibly need all in one location.

Are you wondering what fishing looks like? Browse the webcam and see real-life conditions. And if you’re lucky, you might see some anglers pulling red drums or other target species as if it happens.

5. Avalon Pier

Found in the northern end of the Outer Banks, Avalon Pier should not be missed. Moreover, it’s arguably one of the best-kept secrets of North Carolina’s fishing piers, with Avalon Pier offering activities for all ages. 

With an arcade, snack shack, Stonefish Beach Bar, and fishing for all ages, there’s plenty to do for a day out on the pier. Not to mention catching one of the stunningly colorful sunrises over the Atlantic Ocean.

If you’re an early riser, this is the pier for you, hence the sunrises. Yet, daily fees are $12 per adult and $6 per child. Rod rentals are right on-site and run $8, with a maximum allowance for one angler being three. 

As for what could land on your line. Big fish. Like red drums. Or, one of North Carolina’s favorite table fish, the Kingfish.

In Summary

The Outer Banks is a beloved destination for families to spend quality time along the shore with a rod in hand and a cooler full of fish.

While these North Carolina fishing piers are among the most popular and have extra services for those who find themselves without gear, many others are located on the Outer banks.

Nevertheless, you will find that pin rigging is a popular way to bait your line, with ballyhoo being a popular live bait supplied by the pier tackle shops. So, it may be in your best interest to learn how to pin rig before stepping foot on one of North Carolina’s fishing piers. 

Have you gone fishing on one of these North Carolina fishing piers? Please let us know in the comments below!