Fishing rod holders serve many purposes for anglers. Some are designed for transport and storage, while others secure your rod when on a boat, kayak, or bank fishing. Whatever application you need to fulfill, we listed some of the best fishing rod holders below. We included various products, from racks that you can install in your car or garage to trolling rod holders for your fishing boat. Regardless of your skill level or angling preference, you’ll be able to find a quality rod mount for you.

    Hapo Vehicle Fishing Rod Holder

    Overhead Rod Holder for Your Vehicle

    Be able to transport your fishing rods to your favorite fishing spot effortlessly with these Hapo overhead straps. These straps come in a pack of two, and you can adjust from 41 to 62-inches in length to fit your vehicle. Each strap can carry up to five fully assembled fishing rods safely.
    Burle WITHFAB Fishing Rod Carrier

    Behind the Seat Rod Storage

    If the space inside of your vehicle is already tight, the Burle WITHFAB rod carrier is both secrete and stylish. To install, hang it on the backside of your car’s set over the headrest, then clip it in. Also, the material of the carrier is a durable nylon oxford cloth with three neoprene wraps that secure up to three multi-piece fishing rods.
    Brocraft Truck Bed Rod Clamp

    Secure Your Rods To Your Truck Bed

    This product is an excellent option for truck owners who need an efficient way to transport their rods. You can mount this rack either horizontally or vertically inside of your truck bed. The provided aluminum C-clamps are universal and fit most truck models. Then, the mount is sturdy, constructed of a fiber-glass nylon material that is long-lasting.
    Cannon 3-Position Rod Holder

    Best for Kayaks

    If you love yak fishing, this Cannon rod holder is light and easily adjustable. You can adjust this holder in three different positions for downrigging. Its 360-degree swivel base is ready to form to your kayak, whether you want to mount it on top or off to the side.
    Anndason Kayak Rod Mount

    Best Flush Mount for Kayaks

    Or, if you prefer a more concealed look, these Annndason rod holders mount flush to your kayak’s surface. This set is available in a pack of two and is made of a sturdy plastic material. They’re simple to install, and they come with a pop-off cap, so water doesn’t get inside when it’s not in use.
    Amarine Rod Holders

    Clamp-On Style Mount for Boats

    Amarine’s stainless-steel rod mounts are easy to install, and you can adjust them to multiple angles. You can mount them vertically or horizontally to any boat rail that’s 21 to 25-millimeters in diameter. Plus, they have a rubber sleeve, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your rods.
    Woodlander Outdoors Versatrack System With Cannon Holders

    Best for Boats with a Versatrack System

    Woodlander Outdoors constructed their brackets with aircraft-grade aluminum for durability. These brackets can fit any boat with a versatrack system and are pre-installed with cannon rod holders. The cannon holders are adjustable for up to 360-degrees to give you the perfect downrigger for even deep trolling applications.
    Hoffen Stainless-Steel Rod Holder

    Vertical Multi-Rod Holder

    You can mount Hoffen’s vertical rod rack virtually anywhere. Plus, Hoffen built them with an everlasting stainless-steel material that’s also corrosive resistant. So, you will be able to use it whether you’re fresh water or saltwater fishing. This rack is also lightweight and can hold up to four rods.
    Coolnice Rod Holders

    Best for Bank Fishing

    Stop using a stick to hold up your bank poles, and secure them with these rod holders by Coolnice. The stake on this holder is a solid stainless-steel material that you can pierce into the ground effortlessly. Then, the ABS mount fits most pole sizes and styles, and you can set it to any degree you need.
    Exact Design Sand Spike

    Best for Shore Fishing

    Exact Design’s rod holder is 46.2-inches in length, and you can bury it 16-inches deep into the sand. The tip is sharp and can easily impale the ground. Plus, the top of the spike has a built-in foot push to give you some extra leverage. Furthermore, this rod holder is also equipped with a small box to store live or artificial bait.
    Amarine Made Fishing Rod Rack

    Best Rod Storage for Fishing Docks

    This rod rack is fantastic for storing your fishing rods on your dock, truck bed, or garage. It can hold up to 24 rods, and its constructed of aluminum alloy and plastic to make it lightweight. So, you can easily pick it up and move it to wherever you need to.
    Rush Creek Creations Rotating Rod Rack

    Best for Our Gear Junkies

    This lazy susan styled rack can hold up to 24 fishing rods and is perfect for storing your rods in tight spaces. Rush Creek Creations engineered this rack with an ultra guide swivel system for a smooth rotation. With this rack, you’ll be able to sort through your rod collection faster so you can get out onto the water sooner.

As you can see, each fishing rod holder serves a specific purpose. So, select the ones that fit best with your lifestyle. Whatever your fishing style is, we are confident any of these rod holders will be able to fulfill your needs.

For our kayak anglers, we suggest the three-position Cannon rod holder. This rod holder is lightweight, fully adjustable, and you can mount it on the top or side of your fishing vessel. Plus, It’s ideal for downrigging your baits while floating or trolling.

Or, if you’re looking for a portable rod holder for transporting your tackle to the water, then we recommend the Brocraft rack. We like this rod rack because you have the option to mount it vertically or horizontally in your truck bed.

Anyways, if you have any questions about these rod holders, please let us know in the comment section below. Or, support us by giving this article a share on social media.