When you’re looking for some real southern comfort, there’s no better choice than Louisiana. This place is easy to get to, just find the Mississippi and follow it down to the end. Once you’re there, don’t forget to buy a fishing license and get a plate of crawfish. If you don’t like the way they taste, they work great as bait, too. But, if you’re going to use them as bait, you might want to know where the best fishing towns in Louisiana are.

1. New Orleans

Is it French? Is it Spanish? Or, is it underwater? The Big Easy has good times and bad, but the great fishing is a constant. No trip to Louisiana is complete without spending at least a little time in New Orleans. Hit Lake Pontchartrain just to say you’ve been there, and then hit Bourbon Street. There aren’t too many major metropolitan areas that can boast the kind of fishing that New Orleans has to offer. Every angler should check it out at least once.

2. Shreveport

Just out of town, you’ll find the 26,000-acre Caddo Lake. This body of water is teaming with bass and almost any other species you might be interested in. It’s been called the most beautiful lake in the world, but the beauty is composed of countless submerged trees, so be careful of snagging. Hook guards will serve you well, and watch out for the propeller; stumps can be rough on them.

3. Grand Isle

Grand Isle

Image credits: Gretta Blankenship via Pixabay

This one is actually a barrier island out in the gulf, and a town, sort of. Either way, it’s spectacular. There is some of the finest saltwater fishing on earth in Grand Isle, and the place is famed for its speckled trout. Bring sunscreen and probably intend to hire a charter your first few times out to really get a full dose of enjoyment. This is the gulf at its best.

4. Houma

About 15 minutes outside of Houma, is the bountiful Bayou Black. This place might sound like the setting for a horror movie, but it has some of the best early spawning bass fishing in the state. Bring a big bucket of bug spray and watch out for the snakes. They grow big in Bayou Black. Other than that, you’ll have a great time and catch a bucket full.

5.  Franklinton

Right out of town you’ll find Bogue Chitto State Park. This park has the Chitto River running straight through it and has 11 stunning lakes. This is the place to go for everything from bass to catfish. You can hang out in Chitto Park every day for two weeks and only begin to hit the highlights this area has to offer. Better stay an extra two weeks just to be safe.

6. Venice

A heron

Image credits: JamesDeMers via Pixabay

The reputation of Venice, Louisiana for saltwater fishing is nothing short of legendary. This is the place to go if you want to check out what all the outdoor writers have been bragging about for 50 years. Just remember to book early and expect to pay a bit more for charters, they’re always in demand in Venice. Thereafter, just cast, smile, and see what lands on your line.

7. Jean Lafitte

Jean Lafitte is one option just outside of New Orleans and boasts great fishing for speckled trout, redfish, and most other inland saltwater species. Seriously, how often do you have the chance to go fishing in a place named after a pirate?  The crazy, weird cypress trees and moss alone makes it worth the trip. This is one not to miss. It’s like going back in time.

8. Cocodrie

This town is your optimum choice for combining salt and fresh water options. You can hit the Gulf, barrier islands, marshlands, or just hit the beaches. You’ll find spotted sea trout and red drum practically jumping in the live well. This is another place where you’ll be served well by a charter the first few times you go, and it will help to guard against getting lost.

The Last Word

Louisiana is known as the “Sportsman’s Paradise” for a good reason. The state’s southern location means that you can fish there year-round. But further makes it one of the few places avid outdoor enthusiasts can combine a hunting and fishing trip; if you’ve got the energy. You can speed through the bayou hunting gators or bears and reel in bass until you’re all worn out from the excitement. The only thing you really need to worry about when it comes to enjoying the sporting options in Louisiana is whether you’ll want to leave when the vacation is over. If you decide to stay, you wouldn’t be the first person to make that choice.