Catfish fishing is becoming ever more popular. There are some incredible spots to go catfishing in the California Delta. You can really find a good spot almost anywhere. Speak to the local bait shops and they could tell you where you can find a spot to cast a line and get a big catfish.  Today we are going to look at some of the best places in the California Delta to catch catfish. 

Contra Loma Regional Park and Reservoir 

This is a spot that is stunning for all year long fishing and also for swimming. They even have a lifeguard during the summer for swimming in the swim lagoon. There is hiking and biking and many stunning natural attractions in the area. 

But it is catfish fishing that is of real interest to us. This area has some stunning channel catfish to catch. It also has a number of other great fishing opportunities to choose from. You can go catfishing from a boat. It is permitted. But there is also a fishing dock where you can catch some catfish. 

A really great addition to Contra Loma is the fact that they have a lot of accessibility. The dock is wheelchair accessible; they have wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and even a beach wheelchair that is available on a first come first served basis to use for free. If you are a wheelchair user, this is a great spot to go catfishing without a lot of the added difficulty that is sometimes encountered. 

Miner Slough Wildlife Area 

catfishing from a boat

Image by analogicus from Pixabay

Fishing in this stream is great to find some really beautiful large catfish. A number of species can also be found in the area. One of the best ways to catch catfish in the Miner Slough area is by using a boat to fish from. 

You do need to ensure that you know the tides of the spot, to ensure that you don’t run into trouble while fishing, since there are a lot of spots that go under water completely during high tide but no water during low tide. 

It is a beautiful spot where you can enjoy nature and the wildlife of Miner Slough while you are fishing. It is a great place to not only find your dinner but also to rest and recover from a busy lifestyle. 

Delta Bay 

Forested area on river

Image by Nowaja from Pixabay

If you want to make your next catfishing trip a holiday for the entire family, then the Delta Bay resort community could be the perfect place to go. It is an award-winning resort located inside a massive forested area that hosts some incredible natural spots and is also great for fishing. 

It is home to some awesome tiny houses, RVs, houseboats and even floating homes. There are a few really lucky people who live there but you can also visit the area while renting some of the affordable accommodation. 

Fishing for catfish is amazing in this area. You can spend all of your time just catching stunning catfish. But if you don’t want to take a moment from fishing then there are still loads of other activities in the area to do. There is boating of course, but also lots of watersports and birdwatching. Plus, this is the perfect setting that is close to the local wine country. If you want to get some delicious wine to pair with your catch of the day, then this is a great spot to be. 

Cliff House Fishing Access 

Sacramento river

Image by phelfer from Pixabay

This small site is great for catfishing. It is located near the Rio Vista just off Highway 160 and comes in at the Sacramento River. 

It might be small but it is still packed full of catfish that you can catch. The park is open year-round and you can go fishing from sunrise to sunset. 

The best fishing here is when the water is warmer, but you can catch some really decent catfish even in the winter. There are also great water sport opportunities and it is just a really wonderful day out for the entire family.

Have a fun picnic and catch a big catfish for dinner, while enjoying the day out on the water and relaxing. 

Catch some beautiful catfish in the California Delta

There are plenty of great places to catch catfish on the California Delta, if the fish aren’t biting where you are don’t stick around for too long. You really only need to give it around half an hour to an hour and then pack up and move on to the next spot. The area is packed full of catfishing gems, you don’t have to stay around and waste your time. Catfish here bite all year long but the best time would be in the summer months. 

Get the perfect bait, the perfect rod and rig and get catfishing.