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Go somewhere else. He charged me $35.00 for a FFL transfer (a little higher than most dealers in my state but not unreasonable), however Charles (the owner) remarked that the gun had been willed to him by the FFL dealer and he decided to add on a 10% fee to the total cost of the firearm (including what I had already paid to the FFL dealer). It is well known that an online transfer has to be made between liscensed FFL dealers and that the firearm can not be sent directly to the individual; in other words Charlie acated like the fact that the gun had been willed to him made it acceptable for him to upcharge me 10% and he pretty much extorted me for an extra $44.20 because he felt like it. In multiple visits to Charles Wells Guns & Ammo I have spent over $1,000.000 and yet he never remembers who I am when I go into his store. Despite my history of business with him he has no problem hitting me with a 10% upcharge just because it is his policy. So In reality I ended up paying $79.20 for the FFL transfer instead of the $35.00 I was supposedly being charged. Thanks a lot and you are welcome for the business, Charlie. On a side note... The hours that the gunshop keeps aren't very well defined and he does a poor job of letting people know whether the store is closed or not. I went in to the shop with a buddy a few months ago while it was supposedly closed but the door was open, there was no closed sign in the door or window, and Charlie was sitting behind his register talking to a couple guys. Walked right past Charlie and over to sit in front of the glass counter where the handguns are located and my buddy and I sat there for about ten minutes looking at guns and waiting for Charlie to be finished talking so that he would be able to assist us. Finally his wife comes over from the adjacent gas station/mart to tell me and my buddy quite rudely that the store is closed and we needed to leave. Again: no word from Charlie as we walked past or the entire time we sat there waiting. This put quite a sour taste in my mouth but for some stupid reason I was willing to give him another chance and try this latest FFL transfer. Big mistake. Do yourself and the community a favor and bring your business to someone who isn't an amateur.

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Location: 216 Northside Dr Bennington, VT 05201
Phone: 802-442-3267

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