Clayton Hunting And Fishing Gun Shop in Willow Grove, PA

660 Easton Road, Willow Grove, PA 19044 | 215-672-6060

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Great place


This place is great they have everything you need to shoot there and are super helpful when you have questions or problems on the range

Clayton's hunting and fishing


A big place, with an indoor range. The owners son is also my best friend, which is a +1. But I live in Bridgeport which makes very fast travel. But other then that, it is my go to for hunting fishing and shooting.

Excellent service


I have been very pleased with the services I receive at Clays. Very helpful. I also took an NRA class there. Great teacher

Avoid Clayton's


I was a member until today. They treat customers like crap. Literally steal money from you by charging for range time when you're a gold member, try to sneak in extra fees for absolutely nothing, won't give you the correct change, double charges, limits unlimited range time- seriously, and takes over 8 months to tell you that they can't find a gun part that is easily obtainable. And the fact that they hang racial slogans and slurs on the walls of their back room, I've seen it with my own eyes and the slurs are directed towards African Americans. Don't waste your hard earned money here. Absolutely crap!!

Awesome Shop, in-store Range, Great Selection


What a store - everything you could want for hunting and fishing. The selection of firearms is amazing - with rifles, shotguns, scopes and optics, ammo, magazine options. The staff can be serious and stern, but I've always had a good experience here. The range is quite nice, and a step above any other I have experienced around here with well lit and clean lanes, and easy target retrieval. Some say Tanner's gives them a run for their money, and beats them on price, but I have not seen that for myself.

Contact Information

660 Easton Road
Willow Grove, PA 19044

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