Concord Outfitters Fishing Tackle in Billerica (MA)

84 Commonwealth Avenue, Billerica, MA 01742 | 978-318-0330

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  "I got a good trout 6 perch write near the shore recommended pond to go to..." Edson Pond

  "I caught a bull head cat fish with a small piece of hot dog just using a medium hook..." Cedar Pond

  "Let's keep this pond our little secret!..." Doane Pond

Tackle Shop Reviews for Concord Outfitters - Billerica, MA

Take your business elsewhere.


There are so many issues I am not even sure where to begin. For starters, the clothing selection is minimal and incredibly overpriced. The customer service is seriously lacking, and the owner is very disorganized in terms of paperwork and administrative business. Additionally, there is a massive lack of respect from the owner towards anyone who is not as economically well off as he is. His entitled attitude and superiority complex makes it difficult to want to support this business, which seems to be on the outs anyway, as it looked quite run-down last time I was there. I would not recommend this store and would save a lot of time, money, and respect for myself by taking my business elsewhere.

Great fly shop


I live pretty close to concord outfitters and I love it. Andy is great and they hold everything you need whether you are a beginner or an expert

Contact Information

84 Commonwealth Avenue
Billerica, MA 01742

Fishing Spots near Concord Outfitters

Warners Pond Dam

West Concord, MA

Fort Pond Brook

West Concord, MA

Warners Pond

West Concord, MA

Second Division Brook

West Concord, MA

Haywards Pond Dam

West Concord, MA

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More About Concord Outfitters Tackle Shop

Looking for a hot fishing spot near Billerica MA, your best chance at finding that info besides this site is talking to a local bait and tackle shop like Concord Outfitters. Have you ever launched your boat only to realize you forgot your favorite Grubs? Or maybe your most trusted Worms? Or maybe you’ve forgotten your live bait back at home? Most of us fishermen have forgotten one or more of these items more times than we can recall. Being ready for your day on the water is critical, and finding the right bait shop can make the world of difference. Ever want to know what the fish are biting without having to try everything in your tackle box? Find a tackle shop that will help with that, and you’ll improve your odds of having fun and reeling in something for the trophy wall. Concord Outfitters can be that shop for you. Give them the opportunity to advise you what body of water near Billerica is hot right now, where to find the bass, and what lures or live bait they are hitting. Not to mention, they can sell you that necessary fishing license. A quality shop makes a world of difference. After you’ve been there we want to know about your experience with Concord Outfitters so your fellow outdoorsmen know where to go for both gear and advice be sure to share your detailed shop reviews here.