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Great little store. Good team and willing to work with you to source the items and firearms you are in search of as well as making recommendations. Old school vibe and some people dont like that. But then again lots of people easily get offended and find any reason to complain. If you want a knowledgeable and helpful staff these are the guys. I have no purchased 3 firearms including a special order. Couldnt recommend more highly.




Great Old Time Gunsmith


I have dealt with Del for years, the service is very good. I have bought lots of stuff there.

Great gun store


Rob from Kelowna, been going to Del's for years, always enjoy the chat. They are very busy however so be prepared for that. They don't always have a ton of time but I enjoy the old school atmosphere. They have the best selection around too. Del is a real sweet heart deep down LOL

needs help


went to fill up air for paintball gun and was treated like i was an idiot. Unfortunately it is the only place in town that sells air or i would have gone elsewhere.

Great REAL service.


Del Selin is a good, old school guy, a real Vernonite and a very knowledgeable gunsmith. I have been going to DelĀ“s since I was a kid and he has always been helpful and good with me. He has good quality merchandise (at a good price) and lots of it (in a small space) . These guys are very busy and sometimes I think they get frustrated by the multitude of repeated questioning they receive (especially when they are busy, which they generally are). My suggestion is to avoid this and help your overall visit go smoothly; know your stuff (do your research elsewhere) know what you want and or need, chances are you will find it at Dels. I love going there myself, Its what I like most about Vernon. Small businesses are what makes up the heart and soul of a community.. And Del is a real character.. and yeah he will tell you what he thinks... that's the way he is and I for one would not change it if I could. I think the world would be a better place if more people were real and upfront (like Del) as opposed to putting on a face for the crowd.

Del Selin Customer Service


I have purchased 3 firearms, 3 scopes (all bushnell following staff recommendations) and various accessories including a large safe and various ammunition and have had nothing but "pragmatic" but good service. Del is old school but very knowledgable and helpful for all inquiries. The pricing is competitive and often better than the larger box-stores. I will continue to support this local gun shop.

Old timer


I have dealt with Del for years and never had a problem getting scopes put on, buying ammo, buying guns, etc. I've never had a problem.

potential customer


I do a lot of research before I purchase any item. When I do purchase it is a quality item and I expect respect and trust that I will be taken care of if an issue arises later. I want to thank everyone for their honesty and I will purchase my set up else where. Thank you, New resident of Vernon

Attitude problems


Went up to Vernon from Kelowna to purchase a rifle on advise from a friend who said they the store had some good choices in stock. Got there and was treated like a second rate citizen, the owner was shouting at two younger customers telling them they were bad news and that he (the owner) would only get in trouble if he sold them a shotgun. He told the customers that the sale would "would NEVER happen". after several minutes of embarrassing the customers, he sold them the gun and ammo anyway. The fellow that served me was reluctant to answer my questions and I got the impression that I should not be asking them in the first place. The staff were rude and abrupt with me, even though I did end up buying the gun, I will never go back and will spend my money in Kelowna from now on. These guys need people skills badly.

Buying a rifle


Found the staff very good Bought a rifle and they gave me lots of extra stuff, free. purchased a large order of ammo, store very busy, when i was there everyone happy. Will go back when i'm in the area.

Why support this local shop


Del should not be in retail, this man is rude beyond belief, I asked a simple question after spending thousands of dollars, and I get asked by him "are you @#$% stupid", No kidding he actually said that, and the worst part is I've seen this behaviour from him towards other potential customers on numerous occasion's. I'm a long time resident of Vernon, and will never go back and support is business, nor will I recommend him to anyone I know in the area. It's shop owners like him that drive us away from supporting our local economy... That's sad.

Much improved


I've been getting my ammo & supplies from Del's for years now, but it was only about a year ago that I actually bought my first rifle from there. Anyways years ago I did find the customer service left a lot to be desired, particularly if dealing with Al, who always seemed to be angry or grumpy. However in 2013 & 2014 I have found that the staff has consistently been helpful & friendly. Del himself mounted a scope for me in an incredibly short time (& he took the time to teach me the basics of parallax reduction in scopes, or in some scopes the absence of it), & he's thrown in adapters & other small items that I needed for free with my main purchases on multiple occasions. Every time I buy a box of ammo or anything there for that matter, they give me several free paper targets. I now have a closet jammed full of the things! I only have one remaining complaint. A friend of mine has been trying to take her P.A.L. test for months now but apparently Al is the only one who administers them there, & she says that her test appts. have been repeatedly rescheduled or just plain canceled! I have not seen him there in quite some time, but it could be that I simply miss his shifts. His (Al's) absence would have been fine considering that it was consistently an ordeal to get service or advice from him, if there were another staff member at the store who could administer the P.A.L. tests, but last time I checked there was no one else. Keep in mind that my main point is that my experiences as a whole being a customer at Del Selin's have improved dramatically & are now generally a pleasure.

Del needs some anger management.


Called regarding some powder and ammo questions and Del Selin was a complete jerk. Was planning on a significant purchase of reloading components but, not after he insulted me over the phone. He has a great shop but I'd rather buy my stuff from anyone else because of his crappy attitude.

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Location: 2803 28th Street Vernon, BC V1T 4Z5
Phone: 250-545-6413

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