Alex Moyer, a fishermen with 35K followers on YouTube shared a video of his interaction with what appears to be a resident of a home surrounding a small private lake. The resident, who identified himself as Franklin, walks over to Alex to discuss his being there. It begins fairly cordial, and escalates from there. While Alex is more interested in sharing his fishing techniques in the video, Franklin returns in what appears to be attempt to scare him off. 

After several interactions things intensified with a direct threat from Franklin inviting the 22rd year old Moyer to fight.


Respecting Private Property and No Fishing Signs

As fishermen, we have a responsibility to be respectful of other people. Where no fishing signs are posted, we must respect those. Where private property signs are posted, we must respect those. 

However, in this case, there was no mention of signs indicating this was private property or fishing was prohibited. It also appears that the fishermen, Alex, has family that lives in this community and so careful examination of the community bylaws would be required to determine if guests can fish here or not with a residents permission. 

Either way, we feel these situations are best handled by making it clear with signs when fishing is prohibited, and land is private property. Then when those signs are not respected, the authorities should be notified. 

In this case, Franklin threatens to fight the 22 year old Alex, perhaps in part because he’s been drinking. This is not the preferred remedy to a difficult situation, and we’re relieved this did not escalate to violence.

Humor May prevail

What’s even more entertaining than the video itself is the comments section. In fact, it looks like the aggressor (Franklin) himself commented on the video and has received over 200 replies showing he has a good sense of humor if that is, in fact, him.