Ice fishing is a fun and exciting way for anglers to enjoy the sport in all four seasons. However, this version of fishing requires more preparation than a summertime fish. So, we put together this list of basic ice fishing gear to help you get started. We included 15 essential items, from spud bars to ice picks. As well as some products to make your ice fishing trip more comfortable, like portable insulated hubs and folding chairs.

    Eskimo CH12 64-inch Ice Chisel

    For Checking Ice Thickness

    Whether you call it a spud bar or ice chisel, this product by Eskimo will undoubtedly get the job done. This chisel is 64-inches in length and breaks down into two pieces to make it easier to carry out to the ice. Its fully welded steel design makes it heavy-duty, while its foam handle makes it comfortable to grasp when chiseling the ice.
    Eskimo Hand Auger

    Hand Auger for Drilling Ice

    Eskimo’s durable hand auger features dual-flat, stainless-steel blades capable of drilling through thick ice. Its handle and pommel knob give you complete control while operating it. This hand drill is available in sizes from 6 to 8-inches in diameter.
    Ion Electric Ice Auger

    Best Electric Ice Auger

    If you’re not into the manual labor that hand augers entail, then this electric option might be for you. It cuts fast, swiftly, and efficiently. Weighting at 22-pounds, It’s lightweight and ready to be transported. This auger is also quieter than most gas-powered drills, and it still packs a lot of power.
    Frabill Ice Scooper

    For Skimming Ice Holes

    Frabill’s ice scooper features an oversized ladle to make skimming ice a breeze. Its blended material is long-lasting, and its long handle makes it easy to use. Plus, it has a 30-inch ruler engraved on the handle, so you can instantly measure ice depth or your future dinner.
    Frabill Arctic Fire Tip-Up

    For Indicating Strikes

    This tip-up is both easy to install and remove from the ice. The chartreuse flag makes it highly visible, which is convenient for when you’re managing multiple lines. The Frabill tip-up has two trip settings, light and heavy, for whatever size game you’re targeting.
    Fenwick HMG Ice Fishing Rod

    Spinning Rod for Ice Fishing

    Fenwick’s spinning rod features a durable carbon blank material that’s rugged and lightweight. These rods are available in sizes from 26 to 28-inches so that they’re easy to maneuver while on the ice. The power rating on these rods ranges from medium-light to medium-heavy to fulfill whatever your fishing needs.
    Abu Garcia Max Ice Fishing Spinning Reel

    Spinning Reel for Light Tackle

    Abu Garcia Max Ice reel is perfect for targeting small to medium-sized fish. Also, you’ll be able to lay and retrieve your line smoothly with its four-bearing system.
    Tailored Tackle Ice Fishing Kit

    Starter Ice Fishing Jigs and Lures

    This Tailored tackle box is a 75-piece set with a selection of ice fishing jigs, lures, soft plastics, and terminal tackle. Included in this kit is a pocket guide to help you get ready for your next ice fishing adventure.
    Pelican Multi-Purpose Utility Sled

    For Transporting Gear Across the Ice

    Pelican’s sled features a heavy-duty material, ready to be used and abused on the ice or snow. It has built-in tracking rails to keep it sliding straight, and you can even pair two of their Trek 45s to make an enclosed sled.
    Eskimo QuickFish Pop-Up Ice Shelter

    Portable Shelter for Ice Fishing

    Eskimo’s QuickFish Pop-Up shelters are insulated, portable, and are quick to set up and tear down. These hubs are available in 2 to 6-person sizes.
    Cimkiz Ice Traction Cleats

    Ice Spikes for Your Boots

    These cleats feature a chain system, giving you more traction while trekking through the ice. Cimkiz’s ice cleats are durable and will fit over most shoe and boot styles.
    Frabill Deluxe Retractable Ice Picks

    Emergency Gear for Ice Fishing

    Most importantly, you need to carry ice picks while ice fishing! Frabill makes this high-quality, retractable ice picks that assist you in climbing out of the water if you were to fall through the ice.
    KastKing Kateel Polarized Sport Sunglasses

    For Protecting Your Eyes

    Protect yourself from snow blindness by wearing these polarized sunglasses by KastKing. These glasses are good-looking and functional, giving you full protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.
    Striker Ice Waterproof Boots

    For Keeping Your Feet Dry

    Avoid cold weather injuries and keep your feet warm and dry with these Striker Ice boots. They’re completely waterproof with 1200g of 3M Thinsulate insulation. These boots are rated for below-freezing temperatures at -40-degrees Fahrenheit.
    Realead Adjustable Folding Chair

    Oversized Folding Chair for Ice Fishing

    Last but not least, you will need a comfortable folding chair to relax in while ice fishing. This Realead chair is entirely padded and has a reclining backrest, so you can unwind however you like.

Along with these 15 items, make sure to wear enough winter layers to keep you warm while ice fishing. Most importantly, for your safety, the golden rule is never to go ice fishing alone. Also, it would be best if you always used precaution when walking on the ice and always let someone know where you’re going.

We highly recommend the Pelican multi-purpose sled if you need something to help you transport your gear on and off the ice. The Pelican sled is lightweight and capable of holding 130 to 500-pounds of equipment, depending on the model. Then, the best part about this sled is, if you would like your gear enclosed while dragging it across the ice, you can pair two Trek 45 sleds together.

Finally, the most important item you need to include in your ice fishing checklist is Frabill’s retractable ice picks. These ice picks are a critical piece of safety equipment that you may need to save your own or someone else’s life while out on the ice.  You can wear these ice picks on your PFD or thread them through the arms of your coat.

Anyways, we hope this list helped you find what you need to get started ice fishing. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below. Or, please support us by sharing this article on social media.