Carl Pleasant Dam Fishing Report near New River, Arizona

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Fishing Tips for Lake Pleasant

  3/22/2012 1:30 PM

Lake Pleasant is one of the best fisheries in this part of Arizona. You will find the only white bass population in the state and good fishing for every other species found here. Add that to the fact that this lake is really good for recreational boating and you have one awesome lake. The downside to that is the fact pressure is heavy. The lake is split into two biological zones. If it’s alright with you I am going to go through fishing tips zone by zone. ZONE 1: This zone is the relatively shallow coves in the northern part of the lake. These coves are one of the first things to warm up in the spring therefor fishing in the spring is really good here. The best things to look for are weeds, wood, and creek channels. If you can find a cove that contains all three you have a honey hole. The rest of the year the fish move out of almost all of the coves except ones with deep holes or channels. ZONE 2: This zone is the rest of the lake including the main basin and major coves. Any fish that spawn in this section (not many) are about 2-3 weeks later than the fish in the coves. In late spring you can find stripers in coves at low light times. There is an area of water in front of the dam that is way more oxygenated than the water around it. This is a hotspot in every way; big fish as well as little fish abound here. As the water starts to warm up the fish move to the main lake points, reefs, and any other main lake structure (channels and fish schools for example). In the fall fish the main lake points during mid-day and the coves during the rest. During the winter the oxygenated water near the dam and the shallow coves are the best spots. Tight Lines!

Fishing Hot Spots near Carl Pleasant Dam

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