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Fishing Tips for the Hooch

on December 12th

Made famous by the Alan Jackson song you would not expect a river that flows through one of the fastest growing cities in the south to be listed on Trout Unlimited’s top 100 trout streams in the US; but it is. It is still there, producing good trout, mostly because of two things. The first of which came about in 1978 when Jimmy Carter signed a bill that created the 48 mile Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. The second one is Trout Unlimited which fights every day to make sure our grandchildren find a river full of trout and not our pollution. In and of itself the river is amazing; it stays cool enough in the summer for the trout to live and it stays warm enough in the winter for year round hatches. Not to mention the fact that there is so much food for the trout to grow fat on (state record brown trout is 8lbs 7oz. Guess where it was caught). If you are worried there isn’t going to be enough access or guides or bait shops to suit you; you can stop because there is enough for 1000s of anglers. If you want to find out exactly what flies work best to catch the large trout all you have to do is purchase the DVD Chattahoochee Flies. When you are fishing here be on the lookout for special regulations like one section where you have to wear a floatation device or times for can/can’t fish or regulations governing what you can use for bait. One last tip: when you are fishing the tailwaters be careful of when the dams release water that moves downstream at about 5 miles an hour you have to be very careful you don’t get caught up in it. One local tip is to put a $50 on a rock and weight it down with a rock. When it disappears so should you. The thinking is you won’t take your eyes off it even when the fish are biting. Good luck fishing! PS there are other kinds of fish in the river but I just focus on the trout.

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