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Delavan is fishing well right now, with about 8+" of inch...

on March 1st

Delavan is fishing well right now, with about 8+" of inch depth, as of February 22nd, in the spots we checked. We were fishing 100 yards off shore, towards the center of the lake. After cutting a few holes, we hit a run of perch right around 16 to 18 feet of depth for a good of fishing.

Fishing Tips for Delavan Lake

on February 21st

The panfish are biting interestingly right now. It is very possible to walk away with limits but it seems that unless you find the perfect spot and bait you will get skunked. Some people go through 150 holes and a few dozen different baits in a day. The pike are also biting well but they are easier to catch. Fish large dead bait under tip-ups in usual pre spawn locations. The ice doesn’t look like it's going to last for more than a week though so if you are going to get out it has to been soon. Good luck fishing!

Fishing Tips for Lake Delavan

on January 19th

There is about 5+ inches of where the "old” ice is and about 3 inches where the "new” ice is. There are quite a few people out fishing but most of them are fishing the bays. However a few brave souls are starting to venture out a bit farther (this cold is helping). There are nice fish being caught by the people who really work. One guy caught a three man limit of gills bigger than 9 inches and crappies bigger than 12 inches, but boy did they drill a TON of holes. Most of the holes produced only 2 or 3 decent fish and then they moved on. The pike bite is average right now. If you are just planning on fishing one area I recommend you set out a few tip-ups just to see if you get anything. Try large 6-12 inches) live (but dead works really well too) suckers. Good luck fishing!

Fishing Tips for Lake Delavan

on December 21st

If you are one of those people who didn't ever get the boat you are having the last laugh over the people like me who put the boat away at the first sign of ice. The lake is still wide open. The worst part is that the 10 day forcast doesn't show any cold. Looking at other lakes in the area I would guess panfishare biting but I don’t know for sure. The best baits and spots are probily going to be what you would be doing at first ice. Good luck fishing!

Fishing Tips for Lake Delavan

on November 16th

The fishing has been good lately. The only problem is that the fish are all over the place. Fish are being caught everywhere from shallow flats to deep rocks. My recommendation is you start with the drop offs and move in or out from there. The best baits are crankbaits, jigs, live bait (dead bait for the big pike), spoons (they work for ice fishing they should work now), and soft plastics. Good luck fishing!

Fishing Tips for Lake Delavan

on September 21st

The bass bite has been on lately but they have moved. Try fishing the weed flats in 6-10 feet of water instead of the weed lines. The best baits are spinners, jigs, and crank baits. Good luck fishing!

Fishing Tips for Delavan Lake

on September 7th

The bass and panfish can be found near the weedlines along with a bunch of smaller pike. The weedline fish can be caught on spinners, soft plastics, live bait, crank baits, and spoons. Now if you are after BIG fish try drifting deep water out to about to 40 feet. Try using crank baits, jigs tipped with something and live/dead bait. The biggest tip I can give you is don't give up and pay close attention to your depth finder. Good luck fishing!

Nothing. Bubkus. Zilch. caught fishing Delavan Lake by Nathan F

Fishing Tips for Delavan Lake

on August 17th

The fishing is about the same as the last time I posted but there are some really nice bass being caught up shallow at night. Soft plastics, spinners, and top waters are said to be the hot baits. Good luck fishing!

Fishing Tips or Delavan Lake

on August 1st

Like many of Wisconsin's lakes right now most of the bigger fish have moved deep. If you want to catch them you should consider fishing drop offs, deep weeds, rocks, and over deep water with deep running spinners, crank baits, jigs, soft plastics, and live bait. Good luck fishing!

Delavan Lake

on June 9th

The bluegills are now either in or near the shallows which are making for some good fishing; try live bait, small spinners, and small jigs. The pike and largemouth bass are also in the shallows. Fish with spinners, soft plastics, and top waters for them. The walleye and smallmouth bass can be found near drop offs, deep wood, and rocks. Use Gulp! minnows, crank baits, and jigs. For muskies fish all of the above. Good luck fishing!

fishing Lake Delavan

on May 24th

If you are fishing Lake Delavan anytime soon for panfish I would try fishing shallow bays that are out of the wind. If you are fishing for game fish try fishing shallow bays, drops offs, and weed beds. Spinners, soft plastics, and live bait in appropriate sizes work well for all species. The water temp is anywhere from mid 50s to low 70s depending on where you are in the lake. Good luck fishing!

nice fish caught

on May 13th

The opener went well on Delavan Lake this year with lots of nice fish caught. For bass fish back in the shallow bays and you should catch a few at the vary least. The best bass baits are spinners, weedless jigs, and soft plastics. For pike, muskies, and walleyes try fishing weed lines and drop offs. Use crank baits, live bait, and soft plastics for those 3. For panfish you should consider trying the 3-10 feet of water rang. Use small jigs, small crank baits, and live bait for them. Good luck fishing!!

The fish are still biteing!

on May 4th

The fish are still biteing! The south end is the hot spot right now but you can catch a good amount of fish on the north end. Fish near boat docks and weeds. Good luck fishing!

The fishing is still good

on April 29th

The fishing is still good\! There are lots of small panfish being caught but there are good numbers of big panfish that are also being caught. The fish are in or near the new weeds. Try all the spots and baits in my last posts. Good luck fishing!

Good fishing

on April 21st

Even though the weather has been cold the fishing has been warm on Delavan Lake. The best spots to fish right now are the bays near the two boat launches and the bays on the east side of the lake. Wax worms are the key bait right not so try fishing them on small jigs and under bobbers. Good luck fishing!

Good luck fishing!

on April 11th

The panfishing on Delavan lake has been really good the past couple of days, with most of the fish being caught on small jigs and live bait. Some of the best fishing has been coming out of the south west side of the lake. Another good spot is the small cove where Brown's creek enters the lake. Don't fish for game fish though because the game fish season is closed. Good luck fishing!

Really good panfishing

on March 30th

You can find really good panfishing in Delavan Lake. The Average size of the panfish here is whopping 9 inches. In the spring fish the bays on the western most side of the lake. The rest of the year jig the deep weed lines with small jigs and spoons. Good luck fishing!

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