Fly Lake Fishing Report near Timmins, Ontario

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Fly Lake

on December 14th

Fly Lake is an odd piece of water. Very long and very narrow. This is the reason for a ton of competition between the territorial fish in the area. Pike and bass population are fluctuating frequently so any given day you can't predict what you'll be bringing in. Pike in the area will be striking on trolling set ups. A 60 lb test line with a 9" jake bait attached will get the attention of a hungry 30" - 36" pike (They get bigger in the bigger lakes). Allow your bait to swim freely, and keep tension on the line. Be sure your tip is bobbing as your troll, this ensures your bait is "swimming". If it isn't bobbing, you're not swimming and you're not catching. The bass love the live baits in the northern areas of Ontario. Try local larvae and some crayfish. If you can't get a hold of live then go for power baits or chuck it kits. Pop your baits off the water and create disturbance to get the bass off the shoreline and onto your hooks. Keep a large net on hand for the pike and if you're under experienced with pike wear gloves, the large guys in this area will be tearing your hands apart with their sharp teeth and gills if not handled properly. ========================================================================================== SAFTEY TIP: When hooked onto a pike, bring him close to the boat, before piking him out of the water allow him to float, as you reach in for him he will thrust as hard as he can, this is how fishermen get hooked badly, they thrust the hook right out and into your hand or face. After he thrusts he is weakest -- this is when you handle a big fish -- AFTER THE THRUST -- cheers!

Location Details
Species Caught: Northern Pike
Air Temp: 22 °C Water Temp: 22 °C

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