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Green River below Flaming Gorge DAm

on May 31st

Below the Flaming Gorge Dam the Green River is one of the best fly fishing streams in the world. As you would expect from world class water, there are a ton of nice trout in here. Rainbows are below the dam while browns are predominate downstream. A few cutthroat trout are also present. Thanks to huge insect hatches the trout grow big here. Average size is about 15 inches and the state record 29 lbs brown trout. Scuds are the primary food source and can be found year-round. Midges work in the winter and early spring. Blue-winged olives hatch in the spring. Big cicadas show up during early summer. You can only fish with artificial flies and lures here. That’s right, lures. Flies aren't the only presentation that works here; spinners and Rapalas also work great. Late summer is terrestrial time; ants, hoppers, and dry flies in general. This is rugged country with only a few access points. Most anglers pick one “section” and float from the put-in to the take-out. All the sections offer great fishing, but there are some distinct differences. SECTION A - RED CANYON: Beginning right beneath the Flaming Gorge Dam, Section A then runs through 7 miles of red sandstone cliffs and ponderosa pines to the Little Hole take out. In the upper stretches of this section the river is slow with long runs and deep pockets. The middle and lower stretches are filled with rapids, pocket water, a few deep pools, and a few productive shelves. The water throughout the entire stretch is usually crystal clear so anglers need to be at the top of their game if you want to partake in the world class trout fishery of this section. The super clear water gives the trout an opportunity to survey your fly and decide if it is edible. Light tippets and extremely lifelike flies are a must. SECTION B – DEVIL'S HOLE: This section starts at the campsite of the famous explorer, Major John Wesley Powell. From there the section continues downstream for 9 miles through diverse and equally beautiful scenery. The first 4 miles offer shallow shelves, deep polls, and fishable eddies. The most remote section, Devil’s Hole doesn't receive as much fishing pressure as the other sections because it is about an hour drive out here and wading is limited. Large dry flies work well in this section. SECTION C - BROWN'S PARK: From the John Jarvie Ranch down 15 miles of open valley flows the third and final section of the river. The water in this section is warmer than the other sections so brown trout are king. Granted, there are not quite as many trout in this section as the other sections and they are also harder to catch do to clear water and a lack of overhead cover. . This section is the most natural though and the trout that are here are the healthiest of the entire river. This is the section to fish if you are up for challenging wild trout in a beautiful natural setting. While this is a fantastic river, it can also be confusing and overwhelming. I highly recommend hiring one of the great guides in the area to give you a head start. Good luck fishing!

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