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on December 19th

In my post there is a part that says $#%!$ Creek. I am sorry that that happened. It was supposed to say B i t c h Creek (I had to separate that so it would not get edited out again) but the program caught it and edited it out. I was not swearing that is seriously the name of the waterway. Sorry about that.

Henry's Fork Fishing Tips

on December 19th

Born from tiny Henry's Lake Henry's Fork is a tiny, sometimes warm stream for about 12 miles. This run of the creek doesn’t have much in the way of fishing most of the year but early in the year lots of big rainbows can be found here. Once Henry's Fork picks up the cold water of Big Springs it becomes a year round rainbow fishery. Big Springs is a favorite area for the rainbow trout to spawn so because of the perfect gravel bottom. Because of that there is no fishing in Big Springs. The river downstream from the springs is often crowed with tubers and swimmers but it is often stocked and makes a great place for a beginner to catch fish. This kind of fishing continues for a ways before the most known part of Henry's Fork starts. That spot is the Island Park Dam tailwaters. Nymphing here when the water isn’t running really fast can be really fun if you know what I mean (If you don’t know what I mean I mean that you are going to catch lots of nice fish). The most popular way to fish the tailwaters is to spend about 30 min to an hour casting the tails water and then fish up the Buffalo River. Downstream from the tailwaters the river flows through a place called Box Canyon. The best way to fish this section is to use a boat as wading is really hard and access is difficult; however difficult wading only last part of the year. After the spring surge and before the irrigation season you can wade and after the end of August you can wade and pluck nice fish out from behind boulders. Speaking of nice fish rainbows of 20 inches are not uncommon. You can hurl hardware with lots of success but more people prefer to fish with nymphs like Rubber Legs, Stones, and $#%!$ Creek. In fact more big fish are found in this section than in any of section of the Fork. Do you think it has something to do with the fact that this section is catch and release only? If you like a challenge when you are fishing I recommend fishing the 13 mile stretch from Harriman State Park to Riverside Campground. Here the river gradient lowers, the fork starts to look like a spring creek, and weeds pop up here and there. There are some huge fish in this section if you can be quite enough to get just the right presentation to go past them just right. This section is floated more than it is waded for that reason. The last note I have on this section is that it is known as Fat City. A little bit downstream from the Osborne Bridge the river becomes rockier and picks up speed. The fish get smaller but at the same time they get more aggressive. This section until Hatchery Ford is mostly floated. From Hatchery Ford down no one floats anymore for the simple reason that there are no more takeout points between here and Mesa Falls. If you like good fishing, being by yourself, and don’t mind a little bit of climbing the section of river from the bottom of Mesa Falls to the inlet of the Warm River where more people start fishing the river again is perfect for you. From the Warm River (which is by the way another good fishery) a road follows the river so access is easier. This is the section where browns start to show up. The fishing here is good year-round but during the salmon fly hatch is the best time to fish here. The fishery is then so so until the Ashton Dam which is becoming an ill kept secret. But you can’t blame people for taking. Could you resist taking about you’re new fishing spot with lots of fat fish, perfect bottom for wading, and moderate gradient? The spring is the best time to fish this section though you can catch lots of fish the rest of the year especially during a hatch. This section continues until Chester. When you are fishing here be sure to remember that the reason you are fishing the water you are fishing is because one man, Mike Lawson, started a group called the Henry’s Fork Foundation. Up until then the only things important were mining, hydro power, and agriculture and they were destroying the river. He helped sway public option and ensure fantastic fishing for generation to come. Good luck fishing!

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