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Hard to figure out but worth it

on October 11th

I have been fishing here for almost 2 years. The lake is small but receives light to moderate fishing pressure. There are some very nice fish to be had in it, but I have been skunked many times. The species I have caught so far are bluegill, crappie, yellow perch, white perch, yellow bullhead, brown bullhead, rock bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and walleye. I usually target walleye and bass and occasionally panfish. The lake has limited shore fishing access and lacks a defined weed line. There are some steep drop offs on the north end and along the eastern shoreline. Predatory fish are somewhat scarce or hard to get to bite, but I have caught many quality sized bass (15-17 inch). Walleye are even more scarce but there are very large fish (up to 30 inches probably). I have hooked what felt like very lage walleye at night on the northern flats this fall. They came off. I also caught 2 short walleye (13-15 in) and one keeper (18 in). My best walleye was a 24 incher that washed over the dam, and I caught in the creek. The best fishing opportunities in the res are probably with white perch, which have a large average size (10-12 in) and are the most abundant. Mostly they are scattered in the flats during spring and fall but they sometimes form massive schools and feed aggressively. Other panfish are less common. I have caught very nice sized bullhead in the spring at the inlet but again it is really a matter of finding the school on the flat. I have not caught a muskie but one may have broken me off recently. There are also pickerel but they are somewhat rare. I have not heard of pike (like the other report says). There are some large carp but I have not targeted them. For ice fishing I caught some nice yellow perch along the dropoffs on the north end, but many shorts. From my limited knowledge it seems that the main forage of the lake includes small yellow perch and shiners. I have heard that fathead minnows are also a good bait choice. It is a good place to go for me because it is very close to my house and less crowded. It is a good place to take a kyack out in spring and fall and weekdays in the summer. Can be full of swimmers on the weekends. I have not finished figuring out the lake but my advice would be to concentrate on the south end/inlet in the spring and the north end in the fall. Trolling/live bait is probably the best choice. Seasonally I would say that the best opportunities for panfish are in early spring or in ice fishing. Sieze the short window for the big bullheads. In the fall, walleyes and bass come in shallow on the north end flats at night. I will continue exploring and experimenting here with my kyack.

Fishing Tips for Jamesville Reservoir

on April 20th

The bass here average 2-3lbs, the pike average 3-5lbs, the panfish found here can grow to about 1lb, the few trout found here run about 10-12 inches but a few grow to 20 inches, the walleyes are hard to find but a few grow up to about 30 inches so they may be worth finding, and the tiger muskies in here are somewhat common thanks to DEC but very few of them grow very big. Knowing the state of the fishery here it’s up to you to decide if you want to fish here or not. If you do want to fish here I have a few tips for you. • You can catch bass and a few pike early in the summer by fishing topwaters in the shallow, south end of the lake. • The weedlines right outside of the shallows is a good place to fish places latter in the summer for bass. Muskies can also be caught here on crankbaits. • Panfish can be found in both of those spots almost year round. In the summer, when the water gets really warm, you can find the panfish suspended over the deep hole at the north end of the lake. Fishing with minnows, worms, and leaches on jigs or under bobbers will work out well for you. • The walleyes, though hard to find, can be taken near the drop-offs such as the one near the island or near the dam on inline spinners tipped with worms, jigs tipped with soft plastics or live bait, and crankbaits. • If you want to catch decent stream trout you can find a few in Butternut Creek which flows in the lake. • Northern Pike and tiger muskies can be found near weedlines, drop offs, and the deep hole feeding on spinners, swimbaits, jerkbaits, and crankbaits. • Good luck fishing!

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