Lake Havasu Fishing Report near Big River, California

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on February 25th

For smallmouth bass it is usually best to fish rocky points, ridges, shorelines, or canyons. Most people use topwater lures, lipless crankbaits or jigs in the mornings and evenings.

Fishing Tips for Lake Havasu

on March 15th

The fishing is so good in Lake Havasu it's been called one of the best fisheries in the west. You can find lots of little fish here for the younger kids as well as HUGE fish that sometimes approach state record size. In between the fishing and all the amenities the lake had to offer I have a hard time understanding why more people don't fish here. If any of that interests you keep reading because I have some tips that might help you. • Winter fishing is good here because all of the canyons and cliffs in the area create a solar cooking effect that keeps that water warm. That same effect also keeps a lot of anglers off the water on the hottest summer days. • Since Lake Havasu is a clear water reservoir it’s important to use as light of line as possible. Fluorocarbon is a good idea. • Shad are a major food item here so shad colored lures are a good idea. • Often you can find stripers chasing shad on the surface. Look for boils on the surface of the water. Birds swooping are another key sign. Zara Spooks, Jumpin’ Minnows, and Sammys are the best lures. • If you are not sure where to fish for striped bass try trolling. Large crankbaits such as Bomber Long A’s, rattle baits, and Storm Thundersticks. • Frozen bait such as anchovies or real shad fished on a #4 circle hook with little or no weight work well in the spring and fall. Live shad also work really well. • When you are using crankbaits use thin bodied crankbaits for striped bass and thick bodied crankbaits for largemouth bass. • Chumming work very well on this lake. All you have to do is sit in one spot and wait for the fish to come to you. Anchovies with a little bit of corn mixed in works very well. • If you want to catch lots of panfish you might as well forget about lures and just use live bait (worms, shrimp, grubs, and insects). • If you want to catch a lot of fish without going through too much effort try fishing after dark by putting a submersible light in the water to attract plankton that will attract shad that will attract everything else. If you want to have better results try chumming at the same time. • If the shad are not on the surface you will need a fish finder to locate them. • Some of the best spots for stripers are Site Six, Havasu Springs, Windsors Basin, and the main channel. In spring (Late March through early April), when the stripers are spawning try fishing Topock Gorge. • Largemouth bass can be found all over the lake but artificial structure, submerged weeds, main lake points, islands, and reefs are the best spots. Occasionally, bass will join the striped bass cursing the shad schools. In the spring when the bass are spawning try fishing shallow coves. • Spoons, jigs, live shad, dead shad, spinners, crankbaits, and soft plastics are the best baits for Largemouth bass. • In the winter the largemouth bass don’t like to move to much but you can still catch fish by fishing the deep water or by fishing the shallows on warm, sunny afternoons when the fish sun themselves. Try using a reaction bait like a crankbait the first time you go through an area and then, go back through the area with a flutter bait like small swim baits, jigs tipped with twister tails, and soft plastics. • If you are looking for amazing smallmouth bass try fishing crayfish colored baits near rocky areas. • Tight Lines!

Fishing Hot Spots near Lake Havasu

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