Lake Kokanee Fishing Report near Shelton, Washington

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very nice lake, if fishing from shore or docks, bobber and...

on July 15th

very nice lake, if fishing from shore or docks, bobber and worm, power bait that for sure floats the hook with a 18 in. leader works. for the big ones like my best friend caught after over 15 years of us fishin it, he used the original river path..i do good with a bit of a spinner with a wedding ring on a 18 in. leader. i put a third of nightcrawler on hook to help insure fish will hit again if first hit ain't buddies biggest trout in ONE day is 7 1/2, just over 5 and 4 1/2 pounds..he never dot anything like that before or since, but they are there..if it is super hot that day, head up to the waterfalls up north. the cool to cold breeze that rolls down the channel really helps ..myself, i don;t like catching the fresh released trout there. i prefer to get em in jan feb and early march before they plant new fish...the holdovers are much better as they are red or pink compared to the white muchy meat of fresh stocked fish...

Fishing Tips for Lake Kokanee

on February 23rd

If you want to catch the nice 6-15 inch trout found in Lake Kokanee I recommend fishing the boat docks, fallen trees, weedlines, over the deepest hole, the feeder creeks, and drop offs with the usual techniques and presentations. This is a lake where all three (casting, trolling, and fly fishing) work well.

Fishing Hot Spots near Lake Kokanee

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