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Fishing Tips for Lake Powell

on March 15th

You probably already know about the amazing fishing in Lake Powell so I am going to skip straight to the fishing tips. Good general tips for fishing here include the water is very clear so use the lightest line possible and you can fish here year round but the fishing really slows down in the winter for most species. STRIPED BASS: There are 1000s upon 1000s of stripers here for those of you who are interested. In fact a study showed that more anglers fish for stripers here than anything else. Most of the fish here are only 1-2lbs but there are fish in the 10lbs+ rang. Stripers are schooling fish that feed on the huge shad schools and don’t like warm, oxygen deprived water. That should give you a good idea about where to fish for them. You can use anchovies as bait but they don’t work as well as shad unless there are not many shad around. When fishing with anchovies or shad try a #4 circle hook and a small weight 6-18 inches above the hook. There are times though when no weight works better. As you might have already guessed the best color for striped bass is shad. Try using striper spoons, jigs tipped with a twister tail grub, marabou jigs, jigs tipped with a piece of bait, rattle baits, shad raps, and Cordell Spots when the stripers are deeper in the water column. When they are on the surface chasing shad Zara spooks, Zara puppies, Sammys, and Jumpin’ Minnows work better. No matter what the striped bass are doing shad colored swim baits are killer. Casting is popular here but don’t forget trolling. SMALLMOUTH BASS: The same lures, save for anchovies, you use for striped bass will work excellently for smallmouth bass. Crayfish are one of the main forage for smallmouth bass so you might want to consider using crayfish colored lures. Don’t forget about shad though. Those other lures are some of the best but you might want to consider trying X-Raps, live shad, or actual crayfish too. Shaky head jigs and drop shotting is another thing to consider. The best places to fish include rocky reefs, drop offs, islands, or anything else with rocks. The best fishing spots have some sort of deep water nearby. LARGEMOUTH BASS: Largemouth bass are not the most fished for specie in the lake but don’t let that fool you. The bucket mouth fishing here is plenty good enough to warrant a day of fishing. In fact the fact that almost no one fishes for them can make for an easy limit somedays. The best time to fish for bass is in spring during and after they are done spawning. Try using soft plastics, crankbaits, spoons, jigs (all kinds) tipped with a piece of bait or a twister tail, or live shad work the best. You can also catch lots of fish on spinners and big shad colored swim baits. The best colors for bass are crayfish, shad, red, chartreuse, glowing white, or bright orange. WALLEYE: Walleye are in the same situation as the largemouth bass. The fishery is good but not many people fish for them which can make it easy for you to get a limit. Try fishing the same rocky place you fish for smallmouth or brush piles. Walleyes are light sensitive so fishing during low light periods is a good idea. You can catch big fish during the day though if you fish the dark cracks in the rocks or cliffs. The best to catch these fish is to use worms, thick bodied soft plastics (rigged snagless, crankbaits, live shad, spoons, and jigs or any sort tipped with almost anything (twister tails or some sort of bait is the best). Be prepared to lose a lot of lures when fishing the rocky areas. In the spring, when the walleye are spawning, I recommend fishing the rivers for amazing action. Tight Lines!

Fishing Info for Lake Powell

on March 2nd

Lake Powell is 162,000 acres with an average depth of 132ft. There are all sorts of facilities and places to get supplies and stay the night for you to use. There are no regulations of motor size. Thanks to the large motors you can waterski here. If you want to fish here you are going to need a Lake Powell Stamp. Good luck fishing!

Fishing Hot Spots near Lake Powell

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