Lake Sequoyah Dam Fishing Report near Fayetteville, Arkansas

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Lake Sequoyah

  7/16/2014 7:00 AM

How Much Them tickets Cost You....Sounds like you should have been charged with a lot more. I know for a fact the signs at Lake Sequoyah are posted properly. The guy that runs the place is only do his job and very well I might add. Sounds like you need to do more research before you show up somewhere and break the law not once but twice then get on here and slam someone doing their job...might rethink who is mistaken here,


  7/31/2013 7:00 AM

Catfishing is fair on chicken liver, shad and goldfish.

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Species Caught: Channel Catfish

This is not a good place to fish at night!

  7/23/2013 7:00 AM

This lake is within the boundaries of a city park and therefore closes at dark. Though you won't see any signage stating its a city park and the sign that says its closed is blocked by the gate that some lazy $#%!$#% won't close. I know the lake ends where the dam begins but $#%! no the city owns a mile up the river and a 1/2 mile down. Not to mention I was fishing by the hwy 16 bridge when some jackass in a boat with no lights pulls up and tells me and my son we are on "lake" (not city) property and we need a permit. So we look at this website that clearly states its fine to fish below the dam at 1-4am. The same jackass shows up in his boat and says "I tell you you can't fish there and you come here" I told him I just looked it up on the Internet and it said below the dam was fine. He says I guess you are ok then. I asked are we breaking any laws here he didn't answer and drove off. 30min later I have two cops ordering me to pack my $#%! and got two citations for fishing after dark on city property!

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