Little Red River Fishing Report near Augusta, Arkansas

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on June 25th

Another day of an abundance of insects, good for fishing, bad for comfort level. The Little Red had plenty of action bot in the air and in the water. Today our high was a 3lb 7oz brook trout. A bad day fishing beats any day at work..

Location Details
Species Caught: Brown Trout
Weight: 3lbs and 7oz.,


on July 30th

Hot pink Trout Magnets used on gold Trout Magnet jig heads are producing good catches for spin fishermen.

Location Details
Species Caught: Brook Trout

Fishing Tips for the Little Red River

on December 14th

Interesting circumstances (high alkalinity which leads to lots of insects and lots of rain which lead to huge reservoirs being built which pour cold water into rivers) lead to Arkansas having some of the best trophy trout streams in the US. Nowhere is that more evident than the Little Red which has produced a 4lbs 4oz brook trout, a brown trout that was 40lbs 4oz (20lbs and above brown trout are not that uncommon), and where 5-6lbs rainbows are the norm. Does any of that interest you? Well it interests me that I know for sure. One of the best spots to fish on the whole river is just below Greers Ferry Dam where there are large bolder for the fish to rest behind when the water is high. Just downstream from that the river gets deeper and the number of shoals, ledges, and pools seems infinite. The best time to fish is right after the surge of water from the dam has gone downstream and the water is lowering. Some people like to fish during the surge but people are killed every year by the water which rises 6 to 8 feet. Is a huge fishing really worth dying for? Speaking of huge fish the favorite food of the browns are sculpins so your baits should mimic them. As for other good baits and spots they change from year to year so I recommend hiring a guide or stopping in at a local bait shop and asking how the fishing is. Oh, I almost forgot one thing; it’s true that most of the fish caught here are some of the 435,000 stocked every year but enough natural reproduction happens so you have a good chance of tying into a fish that have never known the hatchery trucks. Good luck fishing!

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