Navajo Reservoir Fishing Report near Aztec, New Mexico

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Fishing Tips for the San Juan River below Navajo Reservoir

on January 12th

This is a report of the San Juan River below Navajo Reservoir: It's true that good trout (rainbows, browns, and cutthroat) can be found for dozens of miles below the dam but the first 10 miles is the best. In fact the first 10 miles is in the best 100 trout streams in the whole US. If that interests you keep reading and you might learn something that will help you land a "lunker" next time to go. For the first quarter of a mile the rule is catch and release only, no barbs on your hooks, and you can only use artificial baits. The next 3.5 miles is known as "Trophy Water. I don't think I really need to explain the name or the fishing in this part of the river. The rest of the water is not fished as much but there are BIG rainbows and browns waiting deep in the water. A lot of people wade the river but it can get kind of crowed even in winter (there are plenty of fishing spots and the fish don’t seem to mind though). If you want to you can drift the river in a boat which I recommend because you can reach all the trout the waders can't. Like most trout rivers in the west San Juan Worms are the best. You can catch lots of fish on other midges, caddis, mayflies, leaches, and, if you want big fish, big nymphs and streamers though. The water does not flow as fast here as it does on most western rivers so fish have more time to inspect the lures. The more adept at managing the drift so that there is barley any drag you are the more (and bigger) fish you will catch. Good luck fishing!

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