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Fishing Tips for Pool 9

on January 20th

The fishing has been good lately. Most of the fish can be found deep right now because of this cold. It is supposed to warm up this weekend through so the fish might move shallower. Bass and pike have been good on tip-ups baited with shiners. The panfish are out there you just have to find them. People who get their limit leave the ice looking like Swiss cheese. The ice is about 7 inches thick. Good luck fishing!

Fishing Tips for Pool 9

on December 22nd

It looks like this winter is shaping up to be like the winter of 05/06 (the one where we were fishing out of the boat till New Years and then got back out on the boat in March). Who knows it might be worst. At least the fishing is good at the moment. If you like pike this is prime time. The best way to fish for them is to fish with large dead fish near the areas where you would be fishing if it was first ice. If you like walleyes try fishing the wintering holes with hair jigs, live bait, and jig/soft plastics combos. If you want panfish try fishing weeds, fallen trees, and other cover in about 5 feet of water. One last thing; there are rumors of safe ice in the bays but most of them are false. If you want to chase a few go for it. Just be sure to remember that no fish is worth dying for. Good luck fishing!

Fishing Tips for Pool 9

on November 17th

The walleye run is going. The only problem is most of the fish are small; however more and more big (25+inch) fish are showing up. The best walleye bait is hair jigs tipped with minnows. However you can also catch them on ice fishing baits, crankbaits, and soft plastics. The pig size pike are showing up a lot. Try fishing the inlets and the slack water under the dam with dead fish. The best size is over 12 inches for the big ones. If you can, fish the bait on the bottom. The only time you should use a bobber is when there is too much stuff in the water that gets snagged on the line. The bass are still biting in the bays and they can be caught on soft plastics, live bait, spoons, and crankbaits. Good luck fishing!

Fishing Tips for Pool 9

on October 28th

There are two main species being caught right now, walleyes and pike. The good news is one is being caught in both big numbers and bigger sizes (pike) the bad news is one is being caught in big numbers but not that many big ones (walleyes). As far as fishing tips for the walleyes go try fishing the deep staging holes in the river just below the dam with jigs, crankbaits, small swim baits, live bait (try frogs), and soft plastics.. The reason being the walleyes should start running soon and are staging. The pike can be caught by fishing crankbaits, live bait, soft plastics, jigs, and swim baits near eddies in the main channle because all the weeds are died. Good luck fishing!

Fishing Tips for Pool 9

on September 21st

The fishing has been really good lately so I have a repost for a lot of different species so I will go throw them one at a time. Catfish: The catfish are being found in the deep holes with the ones downstream being the best. Try the usual cat baits. Smallmouth Bass: The smallmouths are flocking to the wing dams and can be caught on crawfish baits, jigs, crank baits, soft plastics, and top waters. Largemouth bass: Lots of bass are being caught in and among the weeds on top waters. Northern Pike: Try fishing eddies, drop offs, and weed lines with crank baits, soft plastics, spoons, spinners, live bait, and spoons. Good luck fishing!

Fishing Tips for Pool 9

on September 8th

The flatheads are on fire for those of you 5that are interested. You can catch them on crank baits casted near rocks, live bluegills, and dead/cut fish. The bluegills are also present in huge numbers and can be caught on worms. The pike are following the bluegills and can be caught on the usual baits. The walleye bite is just starting to warm up and the fishing should only get better from here. Jigs tipped with live/dead bait or soft plastics work best. Good luck fishing!!

Fishing Tips for Pool 9

on August 1st

Try fishing deep water and springs with jigs, crank baits, soft plastics, and live/dead bait. Good luck fishing!

biting really well

on May 24th

The walleyes and saugers are biting really well in sloughs like Blackhawk Slough and Minnesota Slough. The bass, pike, and panfish are all in the warmest water they can find so it would be a good idea to fish them. Near the dam is another good spot. The water temp is anywhere from low 50s to 68. Good luck fishing!

The fishing right now is some of the best in the state!

on May 13th

The fishing right now is some of the best in the state! The perch are biting really well on the fishing barges, there have even been a few 15 inchers caught. The bass are everywhere but you will find most of them near fallen trees, weed lines, and rocks. You can catch them on jigs, spinners, and soft plastics. The pike are also biting well with a few big ones being taken. Try near weed lines, fallen trees, and drop offs with crank baits, live bait, and soft plastics. The white bass bite is still hot to with most of the fish caught near the dam. Use jigs, crank baits, and Zip Lures for the white bass. To end the list the sturgeon are also biting really well. The best time for them seems to be morning. The best spots are near the dam, deep holes, and drop offs. The best baits are live and dead fish. Worms are also good. Good luck fishing!

Fishing the Mississippi River Pool 9

on May 5th

Keep in mind when I post here it will be for all of the Mississippi River Pool 9 not just the Raft Channel. The sturgeon have been biteing really well lately with lots of fish being caught on dead bait, cut bait, and live bait. The walleyes and sugars have also been biteing really well. You can catch them on crank baits, jigs, and soft plastics. The panfish are not really being targeted but people are still catching a bunch of them. Try small jigs, small crank baits, and live bait for the panfish. Below the dam, near the channel, and in running sloughs are good places for all fish. Good luck fishing!

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