Silver Creek Fishing Report near Doylestown, Ohio

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on September 26th

Colorado blade spinner with white body off the boat dock. Two in an hour and a half, nobody else catching much. 2-3lbs and over 16 inches. Big for this lake.

Location Details
Species Caught: Largemouth Bass
Weight: 2lbs and 8oz., Length: 17in.
Air Temp: 77 °F

Catfish and Jumbo Crappies

on May 4th

Using a fly rod and wading out in the sand bar area about 30' from shore and casting out caught 5 good sized Jumbo Crappies and 4 above average size catfish..was fishing with a fly rod and using a all white baby doll fly which looks like a minnow in the water...

Location Details
Species Caught: Channel Catfish
Length: 26in.
Air Temp: 73 °F
Gear Used
Maxima Ultragreen Leader 5X = 4lb tippet

Fish were not hitting well tonight

on April 23rd

Silver Creek Metro Park...Fly fishing on the sandbar 30' from shore and using streamers only caught 1 18" Trout and 5 smaller one else reported catching much at all.

Location Details
Species Caught: Rainbow Trout
Length: 18in.
Air Temp: 69 °F
Gear Used
Maxima Ultragreen 3X tapered Leader

Crappie and Bass are spawning in the shallows

on April 22nd

Silver Creek Metro Park - Caught 1 Trout and 4 Large Jumbo Crappies that were over 11"...a few other anglers reported catching good size bass fishing off the doc...was fly fishing with my waders on fishing the sandbar about 30' from shore....

Location Details
Species Caught: Crappie
Length: 11in.
Air Temp: 57 °F
Gear Used
Maxima Ultragreen 3X tapered Leader

Trout, Crappie, and Blugills tonight

on April 19th

Despite the cooler weather the Trout were still hitting...Caught 3 about 13" each and a few Jumbo Sized Bluegills and Crappie...was using a fly rod with a small white streamer

Location Details
Species Caught: Rainbow Trout
Length: 13in.
Air Temp: 46 °F
Gear Used
Maxima Ultragreen 9' 4X tapered leader

Trout are still hitting

on April 18th

The Trout are still hitting live bait and worms. Most of the trout are now in deeper water and about 75 yards offshore...Tonight I put a pair of waders on and waded the shallow sandy bottom portion of the fishing area and got out about 35' and was using a fly rod and white streamer pattern and caught 4 Large trout 20+ inches and 2 small ones about 12"....

Location Details
Species Caught: Rainbow Trout
Length: 20in.
Air Temp: 78 °F
Gear Used
Maxima UltraGreen Tapered Leader 3X

Nice place to catch Trout

on April 16th

Recently stocked with Trout on the 11th of April 2013...I fished with a fly rod using a all white streamer pattern and caught 4 today and 12 on Sunday the 14th of April....Very nice place to relax and catch some fish.

Location Details
Species Caught: Rainbow Trout
Weight: 2lbs and 1oz., Length: 18in.
Air Temp: 72 °F
Gear Used
Maxima Ultragreen Leader Material

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