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Fishing Tips for Spruce Creek

on December 12th

Way back when in the 1950s World War 2 warriors were coming home from the war and settling down. Apparently a least a few liked trout and fishing and a few lived in Central Pennsylvania and the more monetarily sound ones built cozy little cabins along their favorite trout water. The cabins that follow Spruce Creek for quite a ways from its confluence with the Little Juniata are an example of that. The good news for us, the younger generations, is that the 1950s and 60s were not the hey days of the creek and then the fishing declined in the 70s, 80s, and 90s until the fishery was all but gone like a lot of creeks. The fishing here is the best it has ever been. However the best fishing is not found in the lower reaches. The best fishing is found in the upper reaches near the old iron furnace. Here the water is cooled by numerous springs and the water is slightly higher in its alkalinity. What does cooler water pulse higher alkalinity equal? An almost perfect environment for all those little bugs trout just love to munch on. The little bugs stat to show up with a small hatch of olives. Then, in late April, the awesome hatch of grannon caddis comes into effect. Late May is known for heavy hatches of sulphers and the even bigger hatches of green and brown drakes. August is famous for tricos. Despite how tempting it is to just fish the hatches don’t overlook the terrestrials from late May on. A few notes on the very top of the creek near the furnace: The western channel is small, narrow, and not to deep but can provide decent fishing especially considering it is not fished very much because of the reasons listed above. The east channel is wider, deeper, with better fishing but there is more pressure. Keep in mind ther4e are fees charged to fish this sections. Good luck fishing!

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