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The Reason I Enjoy Fishing by Rich

For me, fishing has always been a part of my life. Some start to get away from it all. Others to feel the exhilaration of a big fish fighting to stay free. And some fish to put food on the table. I fish because I always have, and because it brings me peace and a connection with the outdoors. I started when I was 5, with a wonderful teacher, my Dad. Our outings usually started with preps at home as we made up cucumber sandwiches for lunch, with a pickle for each of us, and a few chips on the side. We’d go to bed early so we could get up before sunrise with the goal of being on the water as early as possible. Are a quick unload of our little boat and the rest of our equipment, we’d head out onto the water. The moment of putting the first worm on our hooks was the most exciting. My Dad would get our lines setup for the first cast. We’d find a promising spot, and shut our motor off before we got there and slowly drift in. And then the real fun began. We’d cast and laugh. We’d reel in, cast again, and talk about our daily adventures. We discussed everything but nothing. We had no concern as to the equipment we used, be it Shimano or Daiwa, Browning or Abu Garcia, Cabelas or Bass Pro. All that mattered was that we were there. The trout were just a bonus. Sometimes we got lucky and reeled in a nice Rainbow Trout. Other times, our baskets were empty but the laughs were plentiful. Sometime not long after we started we’d break out our lunches, and enjoy our cucumber sandwiches and drinks – mine a cola, and my Dad’s a beer. Always fun, always successful, regardless if we caught anything or not. Now, when I fish I am reminded of the comfort I had as a kid. And occasionally I get lucky and reel in something special.


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