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Not for beginners


Great stock, lots of quality products a real hunters paradise. However not a store for novices, these people have been doing this forever and always very busy. They do not have a lot of time to spend explaining the basics to people.

5 Stars


Fort Thompson Sporting Goods knows what it is. Some gun shops try to be cute little "outdoors" shops that do 15 different things. Fort Thompson Sporting Goods is strictly a hunting/shooting shop. They have shelf's filled to the ceiling with everything you could possibly need at reasonable prices and they have the customer service to make every trip pleasant. 5 Stars.

Excellent Service


I was in the store the other day looking for a handgun, they did not have the color that i was looking for but the salesman put forth a valliant effort looking on the computer to try and find one for me. Customer service like that is hard to find now days. thank you Fort Thompsons!

Contact Information

Location: 4404 E Broadway Street North Little Rock, AR 72117
Phone: 501-945-1299

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Fort Thompson Sporting Goods is a gun shop located in North Little Rock, Arkansas. To find this gun store check the map shown above, or enter 34.75737 latitude, and -92.21536 longitude into your GPS device.

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