Fish-N-Lite Fishing Lights

Aerators, & Fish Lights

The Optronics Fish-N-Lite Fishing Light will summon all the best fish!

The 12-volt fluorescent tube in these Submersible Neon Green Fish Lights glows green and attracts microorganisms, which in turn attract baitfish. Adding various size weights allow you to float the tube or fully submerge it. Draws little power so it is easy on your battery. Light doubles as a boat/camper light that won't affect nightor attract bugs. And now this line-up includes new green Fish-N-Lite/Spotlight combo. This powerful attractor has an 18" fluorescent green tube plus a powerful sealed beam spotlight to illuminate a wide bottom area. Comes complete with battery clips and 20-ft. cord. All have a 2,500-hour bulb life. Choose the Large 9" Light or the Magnum 18" Light. Available: Large 9" Magnum 18" Fish-N-Lite 6-LED Submersible Fishing Lights are a completely portable, battery-operated submersible fishing light system that eliminates the hassle of power cords. The six power-conserving LEDs stay lit for up to 50 hours on three AAA batteries (not included). The fluted reflector intensifies the light of the LEDs, reflecting light at every angle to attract more fish. The compact, 10" size allows for easy storage. Available: 6-LED Submersible

Prices from $22.99 to $29.99

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