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The OXYGENATOR Aerator will attract the attention of all the fish in the water!

Whether you have a bait bucket or an actual livewell, these oxygen aerators will keep your baits fresh and lively. Alleviates the hassle of tanks, pumps, or tablets. Generates pure oxygen through Nano Bubble Technology, reducing stress on baitfish. Provides totally silent operation. Sensor system controlled. Available: The OXYGENATOR LiveWell Keeper operates on 12 volts DC. Treats 15-30 gallons of water in less than 7 minutes. Two-year warranty. The OXYGENATOR Pro Livewell Flush Mount will retrofit any boat with a livewell from 15-30 gallons. Operates off your existing boat battery. Requires a 2" hole.

Prices from $79.99 to $134.99

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