Fisherman Series Walleye Triple-Hook Worm with Spinners

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The Cabela's Fisherman Series Walleye Triple-Hook Worm with Spinner are a must have addition to every tackle box. The unmatched and modern design will dependably charm the fish you desire.

There's a reason these walleye spinner rigs have become our best sellers over the years - they simply catch fish. Highly effective and reasonable, serious walleye fishermen have come to realize that they can't afford not to have a selection in their arsenal. Per 6. Length: 36". Available: The Double-Hook Floating Worm has two floating bodies that keep it in the strike zone, but up away from snags. 15-lb. line. One No. 4 and one No. 6 Mustad hook. Colors: (001)Nickel/Diamond, (005)Red/Diamond, (020)Purple/Diamond, (026)Orange, (031)Chartreuse/Lime Diamond, (052)Chartreuse/Lime Scale, (096)Chartreuse, (116)Chartreuse/Orange Scale, (120)Pro Scale Chartreuse, (129)Chartreuse/Orange Diamond, (334)Brass/Chartreuse Eye, (418)Brass/Red Eye, (701)Hammered Silver, (702)Hammered Brass, (906)Chartreuse/Diamond.

Prices from $9.79