Iridescent Walleye Spinner

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The Cabela's Iridescent Walleye Spinner are a crucial component in every tackle box. The unique and innovative design will repeatedly snag the fish you want.

Introducing Cabela's next generation of walleye spinners. The sparkling iridescent foil finish provides a shimmering, effect that is highly visible, even in dingy water, and has outstanding reflective qualities. The finish produces a look and attraction that is a siren's song for walleyes. Two-hook harness is perfectly spaced for sure hookups, even on short strikes. 36" leader is tied with premium 15-lb. monofilament. Size 3 blade. Per 2. Colors: (043)Emerald Shiner, (061)Shad, (071)Plum Crazy, (257)Rainbow, (402)Chartreuse/Red, (421)Orange/Black.

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