Super Glow Rigs

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The Cabela's Super Glow Rig are an important accessory in every tackle box. The one-of-a-kind and inventive design will reliably entrance the fish you seek.

Get extra attraction to your worm harness in dark and stained waters with one of our Super Glow spinner rigs. The luminescent colors of the rigs makes it easier for walleye and other gamefish to see and gets them to come in for a closer look. The No. 3 Colorado blades produce loud vibrations in the water to help fish locate your lure and aggravate them into striking. The blades are not only painted with glow-in-the-dark colors, they're also given the added attraction of glowing eyes for hungry fish to home in on. The glowing colors only need to be charged by natural sunlight or direct light to be ready for a night of fishing. One glow bead was added for an even more alluring presentation. The Extra-sharp Gamakatsu hooks are engineered to exact specifications, ensuring that every point penetrates deeply and there are no weak spots throughout the length of the shank. Per 3. Sizes: Three-Hook Floating Crawler Rig Two-Hook Floating Worm Rig Single-Hook Floating Minnow Rig Colors: (117)Pink Glow, (118)Chartreuse/Lime Glow, (600)Blue Glow, (804)Chartreuse/Orange Glow.

Prices from $5.49 to $6.79