Triple Take Fireline Rigs

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The Cabela's Triple Take Fireline Rig are an indispensable component in every tackle box. The unique and modern design will reliably attract the perfect fish.

Updated with RealImage prism finish, Triple Take Rigs now deliver even more flash and attraction. 3-Hook Crawler Rigs have one No. 4 and two No. 6 hooks. 2-Hook Float Worm Rigs have one No. 4 and one No. 6 hook. Single-hook Minnow Rigs have one No. 4 hook. Fireline Rigs are tied on 72" of super-tough, 14-pound Berkley Fireline. Per 3. Available: 3-hook Crawler Rig 2-hook Float Worm Rig Single-hook Minnow. Colors: (010)Shad, (017)Perch, (021)Firetiger, (046)Golden Shiner, (064)Chartreuse Shiner(2- and 3-hook only), (353)Rainbow Trout.

Prices from $4.49 to $6.09