Ike-Con Walleye Spinner Rig

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No fish will have a chance to refuse the temptingness of the exceedingly real looking Ike-Con Walleye Spinner Rig. These soft baits will dupe even the most clever fish!

Ready-to-use, 6-1/4" spinner rig features a rotating No. 3 Indiana blade with a three-hook rigged worm. Whether used for casting or trolling, the rig creates a natural spiral action. Colored blade increases visibility and vibration. Comes rigged on a 15-lb. test, 30" leader with a ready loop. These rigs include Ike-Con's Quick Change Clevis, which allows anglers to quickly and easily change blades. Per each. Size: 6-1/4". Colors: (001)Black Chartreuse, (002)Black/Red, (003)Nightcrawler/Chartreuse, (004)Nightcrawler/Goldfish.

Prices from $2.99