Double Whammy Kokanee Pro Spinner

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The Mack's Double Whammy Kokanee Pro Spinner are an important component in every tackle box. The unique and ground-breaking design will reliably capture your target fish.

Mack's updated their immensely popular Wedding Ring lures with the addition of an all-new Smile Blade for extra flash and action. The Pro Model also includes Mack's trademark Wedding Ring Band, the proven fish attractor used on the original Wedding Ring, Double Whammy, Kokanee Killer and Wedding Ring Pro Series. A flexible leader makes this new-and-improved version even more lively for extra attention-grabbing action. Per each. Colors: (201)Blue/Pink/Turquoise (103)Ruby/Chartreuse/Silver (102)Fluorescent Chartreuse/Fluorescent Orange (100)Fluorescent Pink/Hot Pink (105)Glo Tiger/Black/Fluorescent Orange and Gold (104)Fluorescent Purple/Chrome.

Prices from $3.79