Baitfish Float'n Spin Harness

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The Northland Baitfish Float'n Spin Harness are a must have accessory in every tackle box. The incomparable and modern design will repeatedly attract your target fish.

Designed by the pros who make their living on the Professional Walleye Trail, this innovative bait triggers strikes from walleyes suspended along the bottom. It features Lip-Stick VMC cone-cut hooks, XT Trilene leader and a buoyant cylinder body float that elevates the rig off the bottom. Baitfish-Image attractor blades give them extra flash and realism. Per 3. Colors: (001)Firetiger, (002)Gold Shiner, (003)Silver Shiner, (004)Gold Perch, (005)Rainbow Chub, (006)Sunfish, (007)Sunrise, (008)Yellow Perch.

Prices from $7.99