Sauce Fish Attractant

Bass Bait Catfish Bait & Carp Bait

Better the temptation of any fish bait with the enchanting aroma of Carolina Sauce Fish Attractant.

Spice up your soft plastics with a scent attractant that will not wash off after your first retrieve. Sauce is designed with a high-tech, polymer-based formula that's water-soluble and infused with highly concentrated, pure oil scents. Unlike conventional petroleum-based attractants that quickly wash off, the time-released scents in Sauce will last over 30 minutes per application and leave a fish-luring scent trail in the water. Apply it directly to lures with the foam tip applicator, or marinate soft plastics for several minutes for maximum results. It won't leave messy stains on your soft plastics, clothing, boat carpeting or finishes. It simply wipes up with a cloth, and scent can be washed out with soap and water. One 4-oz. bottle can provide up to 200 hours of fishing. Scents: Garlic Crawfish (not shown) Crawlic (not shown) Threadfin Shad Menhaden Shad (not shown)

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